Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Things I Love About You

Is it possible to love you even more?

I was reading my tweets earlier today and I noticed that the number 1 trending topic is "10 Things I Hate About You".  I got interested and checked out the tweets on this topic.  I knew it.  They were tweeting 10 things they hate about someone while the origin of the tweet is about that 90's teen movie of Heath Ledger (which I consider hilarious by the way).  I therefore, thought of to come up a list of my own.  Instead of spreading "hate", I opted to spread "love".  So, here's my "5 Things I Love About You".

1.  you make me smile.  You don't have to say anything.  Just stand there.  You lift my spirits high.  You affect me deeply.  Just by merely looking at me, you make me smile.

2.  you listen attentively.  No problem is insurmountable.  No challenge is too fierce to handle.  No obstacle is too high to conquer.  Everything is bearable because you lend me your ears.  You listen attentively.  I realized that the solutions are always there.  I just have to let out those layers of doubts and fears.

3.  you cry with me.  You cancel out the loneliness.  You eliminate the hurt.  You wipe out the tears.  Suddenly I am no longer crying.

4.  you support me.  You encourage me.  You nourish me.  You enlighten me.  I fly and soar high because of your gentle and steady wind.

5.  you love me for what I am.  My quirkiness.  My temper.  My childish ways.  You don't want to change me at all.  You said I am unique and perfect just the way I am.

Your love is like a summer day - enjoyable, bright, clear and happy!


25 July 2012.  Wednesday.
I created a video for this blog post.  Watch the video here.  Enjoy!

06 June 2012.  Wednesday.
Below is the first version of the e-postcard.  I decided to put this one here so you can choose which e-postcard you would like to share with your friends or loved ones. Cheers!

(You are free to share the e-postcard.)

03 June 2012. Sunday.

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