Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Updates on the Flood in Sandoval Ave. in Pasig City as of 6 p.m., Saturday, 11 August 2012

As of 6 p.m., 11 August 2012 - flood in Sandoval Ave. is still widespread;  ankle-deep to half-a-tire-deep.
Oh, boy!  There's no more food inside the refrigerator.  Our week's supply - gone!  Well, there's still instant noodles.  But with "preservatives enough to put a horse to sleep" (unverified - LOL), I would not dare test that notion by eating instant noodles morning, noon, and night.  So, I have to go outside and buy food.  I will once again, with all splendor, ride the yellow garbage truck!  Reminiscent of the good old Ketsana days, I guess this would be fun!

The flood is still widespread in Sandoval Ave..  From the neighboring glass factory (i.e., Asahi Glass Corporation) up to the tiny bridge over the creek, there is still water.  The deepest part is about knee-deep.  That would be in the areas near the glass factory and before the tiny bridge.  The bridge is dry but a few meters down, again there's water.  The flood from the foot of the bridge extends up to Urbano Velasco Ave..  A few meters after this is dry land up to the entrance to Greenwoods Executive Village.  A short distance after that entrance, there's water again stretching to about a hundred meters.  Then finally dry land!  Wheew!  All in all, that would be about 1.5 kilometers of flood along Sandoval Ave. 

SUV's and AUV's would do well traversing the flood.  For light vehicles however, let's put it this way - I will not drive through it.  Because the vehicles are traveling at a very slow pace through the waters, there's traffic build-up.  The 10-minute ride became 45 minutes.  That is from Palmdale Heights to One Mercedes Plaza (Rustan's Supermarket / Shopwise) where I would buy the food I need for the coming week.

I took some videos, but because I was in the garbage truck while shooting them, the videos are very shaky.  You will certainly develop a migraine while watching them.  I will however, still post one (or two) just so you can see the live action.  But it will be on a separate blog post, I suppose.  I still have to upload them on YouTube, anyway.  So, why not travel with me along the flooded Sandoval Ave. through pictures?

Here is the compilation of the pictures I took while on the yellow dump truck which would basically give you an update on the situation of the flood in Sandoval Ave. (in Pasig City as of 6 p.m., Saturday, 11 August 2012):

The yellow dump truck!  Transports residents of Palmdale Heights Condominium  to  Tiendesitas / Pasig SM Hypermart in C5.  The ride is now FREE.  Schedule is 7 a.m., 11 a.m., and 5 p.m..  Pick-up from Tiendesitas / Pasig SM Hypermart (going back to Pamdale Heights) is 7 p.m. 
Inside the yellow dump truck.   That's not me.  LOL.
Gates of Palmdale Heights Condominium.  We are on our way out.
In front of Palmdale Heights.  There's still water!
Just a few meters away from Palmdale Heights.  This is one of the gates of Asahi Glas Corporation.  This area is one of the deepest parts.
Several days have passed and there's still water here in Sandoval Ave. ...
More water...
More and more water as we move down Sandoval Ave..
Tricycles charge 150 Pesos (3.50 US Dollars) for a ride from Palmdale Heights to where I am going (Rustan's Supermarket).  That's about 3 kilometers.
Part of the Asahi Glass Corporation compound.  This part is deep (but this is private property and is not open to traffic).
Gated subdivision adjacent to Sandoval Ave., flooded!  A lot of small subdivisions that have gates along Sandoval Ave. are similar to this.
I really don't know what to say here except that there's more water to see.  This one's just before the bridge and one of the deepest parts of the flood.
The bridge over the creek is dry.  That's the creek that overflowed.  Still high though.  See the garbage there?
Water again just a few meters after the bridge that extends up to Urbano Velasco Ave..
Dry land!  A few meters of dry land after Urbano Velasco Ave. and before the entrance to Greenwoods Executive Village.
Entrance to Greenwoods Executive Village.
There is a few meters of water here at the entrance to Greenwoods.
Another stretch of flood a few meters after Greenwoods - ankle-deep to half-a-tire-deep.
Seems to be an endless stretch of flood here in Sandoval Ave. ...
Motor bikes fared well in traversing through flood.
I am not so sure how this sedan fared...  There's really few light vehicles passing by.  There's no one taxi in sight.
Yes, the king of the road is still the mighty jeepney.  The ride from Pasig Rotonda to Nagpayong is 25 Pesos (65 US cents).  There is actually no jeepney route from Pasig Rotonda to Nagpayong.  Well, in this times, the route is very lucrative!  So, there you go.
Tricycles charge 150 Pesos (3.5 US Dollars).
We are now approaching dry land here...
Ah!  Dry land, at last!  End of Sandoval Ave..  To the left is Mercedes Ave..
Sandoval Ave. corner Mercedes Ave.
Heavy traffic along Mercedes Ave.

Business as usual for Robinson's Supermarket even with that swamp in their parking space.  LOL.
High lands here in East Raya along Mercedes Ave.
Very slow moving traffic...
I have spoken too soon.  There's water beside East Raya. You have to rent a small "banca" or ride the "Flood Monster" to go through the flood here.  Motorists are even diverted with a sign that says "FLOODED AREA Please Use Alternate Route".
One subdivision along Mercedes Ave. still flooded.
One of the creeks in Mercedes Ave.  The water is very high... 
On my way back home, I took the jeepney.  
Rescue trucks are still making the rounds transporting people through Sandoval Ave..


  1. Sir, malapit po kayo sa Arezzo Place Condominium? Bumabaha din po doon?

    Anong bagyo po eto nangyari sa inyo? baket 1 week?

  2. Hello, question po since this is a real concern nowadays...bumabaha ba sa Sandoval , Palmdale, pag simpleng ulan lang kahit di bagyo? They are offering a tempting amount now for Palmdale condo and maganda nmn tlga ang unit. Un lng bka nga bahain tlga? or this is just because may bagyo? Please your feedback would help a lot po to make a decision. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the late response. Nope. Simpleng ulan lang, syempre hindi naman nagbabaha. The last typhoon Mario, wala naman baha ditto sa amin sa Palmdale. Nag-stay lang ako sa unit ko nuon kaya hindi ko alam yung mga karatig na lugar.