Sunday, August 12, 2012

Video Update on the Flood in Sandoval Ave. in Pasig City as of 6 p.m., Saturday, 11 August 2012.

As promised, here are the videos of the flood in Sandoval Avenue that I took while riding the yellow dump truck (for free, yey!).  The videos are shaky but YouTube did some "fixing".  They are now "tolerable".  I had a migraine while watching the raw clips.  LOL!  At least, I think, you can endure these videos now.  Can I say, "enjoy the videos"?  I guess not.  LOL!

You will see that the flood in Sandoval Avenue is still widespread.  My estimate is that it is about more than a kilometer long.  This is just the stretch of Sandoval Ave.  The subdivisions and other areas adjacent to the avenue are also flooded.  Imagine, 3 days since the rain had stopped and here we are in Pasig City still drenched in flood.  Haissst!  When will this flood go away?

As I said, I rode the yellow dump truck from my place to the supermarket.  The usual 10-minute ride took 45 minutes because vehicles are carefully treading the flood at 5 kph.  LOL!  Therefore, there's traffic build-up all the way.  Traffic is heavy at Mercedes Ave..   Anyway, see in the video below how people go about their daily lives.  Did you catch a glimpse of the person making the gas delivery with his motorbike?

The flood in Urbano Velasco Ave. is also terrible.  You'll see in the next video below the small "bancas" and "Flood Monsters" that you can rent to traverse Urbano Velasco Ave. or Sandoval Ave.. 

Mercedes Ave. is lucky.  It has no more flood.  But the low-lying subdivisions adjacent to Mercedes Ave. still suffer from deep waters.  You won't see Mercedes Ave. or those flooded subdivisions in the videos.  I do have pictures of them though, in my earlier blog post.  Check them out.  Click on the link below:

Check out my 11 August 2012"Update in Pictures".


  1. Hi. Thanks again for this detailed post. I keep on checking your blog to see updates on the flood in sandoval ave. By the way, how can you compare Ondoy flood vs this flood? I thought Pasig govt had fixed the drainage system already after Ondoy. How about ordinary storm or rain, (i mean rain volume that is not like Ondoy and this recent one), is sandoval ave not being flooded? thanks.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Ondoy is much worse in terms of flood water in Sandoval Ave.. I said this actually in one of the posts. It took about a month to pump the water out of Barangay Pinagbuhatan.

      Yes, the Pasig government did some fixing after Ondoy. They dredged the drainages and opened up more gutters so water can flow easily. After this, when heavy rains came (even storms), I definitely saw a lot of improvements. There'd be some areas with floods but would totally recede eventually. I guess this is also the reason why the flood in Sandoval Ave. now lasted for just about a week. Maybe they can tweak some more of the improvements they made a few years back to finally render the drainage systems more effective.

  2. Your blog is very helpful for us who are looking at prospective condos within the area. Sadly, I already reserved, currently paying the downpayment, for a condo at Arezzo (we are soon to be neighbors). It only dawned on me to check the flood situation in Sandoval when Habagat wreak its havoc. Is the flooding that bad under normal rain conditions (non-Ondoy/habagat type)? Also, if you don't mind, is the traffic bad in the area going to C5 during weekdays?

    Lastly, kudos on your blog. I find it highly enjoyable.

    More power..

    1. Hi Haidee,

      So you bought a unit at Arezzo? I was actually planning to buy a condo there. I actually liked the place. Though I am aware of the flooding, I also wanted to know about the traffic situation in Sandoval going to Mercedes and C Raymundo. I heard that traffic is really heavy. That made me think twice. Would you advise to get a condo there?


  3. Hi! Very Nice blog. Informative indeed. Would you know if there were encountered flooding last year? (2013)