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Friday, August 10, 2012

Video Updates on the Flood in Sandoval Ave. in Pasig City, as of 6 p.m., 10 August 2012

Palmdale Heights Condominium along Sandoval Avenue, Pasig City
- ankle-deep flood
It seems that Pasig City would again be the last city to recover from these floods.  (The last time was in 2009 with typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy.  The city took a whole month before the floods were completely pumped out and gone.)  While some areas in Manila that had more than 15-feet of flood water (such as the Lagusnilad tunnel and the Quiapo-Recto underpass) are now open to traffic, a lot of communities in Pasig City situated near the floodway and Laguna de Bay are still drenched in flood water.

As of this writing (i.e., 8:40 pm),  it's raining cats and dogs again (with some thunder and lightning to boot).  I just hope that this would not aggravate the situation in Sandoval Ave., and in the nearby flooded areas of Pasig City (i.e., Barangay Pinagbuhatan).

The water is unbelievably slow in receding.  Last night's knee-deep water in front of Palmdale heights Condominium along Sandoval Avenue is now ankle-deep.  Imagine 24 hours have passed and the water is still there.  I was told by the tricycle drivers who now charge three times (3x) the original fare from my place to Pasig Rotonda that the area near the bridge over the creek situated in the middle part of the avenue still has knee-deep waters.  Flood is apparently still widespread.  The local news coverage of the flood in Pasig City confirmed this.  Thus, light vehicles could traverse through Sandoval Avenue but would be risky.  I can only see trucks and large vehicles passing through.  Of course throw in some good old hardheaded "padyak boys" (i.e., pedicab drivers) who transformed their vehicles into "flood monsters".  And not to mention a-bit-foolhardy tricycle drivers who will take good advantage of the situation and push their tricycles to the limit.

free ride from the Navy out of Palmdale Heights
75-Peso ride out of Palmdale Heights via the dump truck
This morning around 10 a.m., a 6x6 truck of the Navy came by and took on some passengers.  Poor dump truck because nobody took it.  Riding the dump truck from Pamdale to Tiendesitas costs 75 Pesos while the ride offered by the Navy is free.  Although, I guess the Navy won't be back tomorrow.  So, it's dump truck once again if the flood in Sandoval Ave. did not improve.

Here are pictures and videos of the Sandoval Avenue flood that I took around 6 pm..

there's still water along Sandoval Avenue - ankle-deep to knee-deep
some parts are dry, but a majority of the stretch of Sandoval Ave. is still deep in water
water is very slow in receding - my parking space still drench in water
Video 1:  A lot of people are still being transported by trucks and large vehicles.  Sandoval Ave. is still flooded as of this time.  Although water in some parts have receded already (like that of in front of Palmdale Heights Condominium) majority of Sandoval Ave. is still covered in water.  The deepest part (i.e., knee-deep) is at the bridge over the creek somewhere in the middle part of this long avenue (i.e., Sandoval Ave. is about more than 3 kilometers long).

Video 2:  The flood in Sandoval Ave. is slowly receding.  The knee-deep flood in some parts are now ankle-deep.  There's still water in my parking space.

Video 3:  The knee-deep flood yesterday in front of Palmdale Heights Condominium is now just ankle-deep.  Some parts are dry already.  A large part of the avenue however, is still covered by water according to tricycle drivers who charge 150 Pesos (3 times its normal price) to travel from Palmdale Heights to Pasig Rotonda.  Deepest part of Sandoval Ave. flood is still knee-deep (i.e., near the bridge over the creek).  They say that small cars would have a very hard time crossing that particular area.


  1. Thanks for this post. I am actually looking at a preselling condo beside palmdale. Now im having second thoughts. Also, is it true that a public cemetery will be built in front of palmdale? Does it bother you? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it's true that a cemetery is being built on the opposite lot. It's kind of a "high end" cemetery, though. The design is actually gorgeous. At first it bothered me. But look at South Cemetery at the heart of Makati. Surrounding businesses are actually prosperous. I still have to consult my Feng Shui master... he-he-he.

  2. Thank yooooooou! Hopefully, Mercedes Ave. isn't as bad :)

  3. hi there! thanks for this post, really helpful. do you have updates though? there's no more flood water infront of palmdale heights but i heard there's still water near the bridge. would you know if this is passable to light vehicles already? thanks!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. As of this writing (5:45 p.m., Sunday, 12 August 2012), there are still areas along Sandoval Ave. with water. The good news is light vehicles can now pass through! There are already a lot of taxi cabs and sedans passing by. This is confirmed by the tricycle drivers I talked to and some of the unit owners who traveled via small cars on the way to Palmdale Heights.

  4. Thanks for this post. Was the water able to go inside Palmdale Hts premises or just outside?

  5. Hello. The answer is "no". Water is just at the gates. The worst scenario was when the water reached near the Sales Office. That's just about it. The buildings are situated in a much higher ground level than the street. Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Thanks for your reply. I am paying for a unit on a pre-selling condo nearby (Arezzo). Just interested how the flood is going around the area. The developer promised to design the condo flood-free though.

    2. same here, do you have any idea with the construction progress of Arezzo?

  6. Ondoy was terrible. The flood lasted for more than a month. Umabot ang Laguna Lake hanggang palengke ng Pasig. That was what, three or four kilometers na chest-dep to waist-deep water. I moved out of Palmdale afterwards. Not worth living there kahit maganda at malaki yung pool. Mauulit ba ang Ondoy? Global warming and typhoons that bring in lots of rain (and flooding) are the new normal for this country.

  7. Helpful video and info... Tnx

  8. hi! im interested to buy a unit in arezzo as well. turnover will be next year. can you comment on the flooding situation during the last heavy rain (aug)?



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