Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 More Things I Love About You


A few weeks back, I wrote a blogpost entitled 5 Things I Love About You.  It was a bit surprising that even though a couple of  weeks has already passed, the blogpost continuously receives page visits from around the world.  The page visits are made by people who googled the phrase "things I love about you".  Maybe, these people are looking for e-cards, write-ups, or quotable quotes that they can use as material for something that they would give to their loved ones.  Sweet!


Another reason perhaps why this blogpost about love receives such attention is because it's the month of June already!  What does the month of JUNE got to do with LOVE you ask?  Well, everyday should be a day filled with love but, there's a lot of women out there who want to be "June brides".  As to why out of the twelve months of the year, June is selected by most couples around the world to get married, would remain a mystery.  If it was true, I read in a "numerology" book that the number 6 is associated with the Goddess of Love and Beauty, as such, June being the 6th month is dedicated to the goddess.  Hence, most couples in the olden times chose to perform their "handfasting" (i.e., marriage) rituals on the "Month of Love", so to speak.  This is one explanation.  Care to share your own reason why June is chosen by most brides-to-be?


Here in the Philippines most weddings occur in December.  There's so many reasons why this is so and they are all tied to "economics".  It is deemed more economical to do it in a month where festivities can be celebrated all together.  Bonuses, incentives, and "13th Month Pay" moreover, are usually paid out on December.  The money received can very well add to the couple's wedding budget.  People are more generous as well during the holiday season.  That means, YEY! - better presents and more cash gifts.  LOL.     


I have decided to add five more things to the list of 5 Things I Love About You.  But before that, to those who haven't seen the first list, the link below will take you to that blogpost.  Just click on the link:

Here now is the addition to the list:

1.  you always tell me the truth.  You tell me I am wrong when I am wrong.  But you gently dispense the truth so that my ego won't be hurt.  You tell me I am right when I am right even though you think you are more right.

2.  you give me hope.  When I am about to give up, I pause for a while.  I think of you.  Suddenly, my strength is renewed.  I can go on forever because there is you - the reason I am doing the  things I am doing.  It's rewarding because you appreciate everything!

3.  you have faith in me.  I have it all - love, hope, and faith.  You always think that I can succeed in whatever I put my mind into.  You always tell me that I can achieve my dreams and reach my goals.  I am always halfway through because of your faith in me.

4.  you trust me.  We do things together.  But I also do things on my own, and you do some things on your own.  When we're not together, you completely trust me.  That is why I enjoy my alone-time worry-free.  Freedom is sweet but, I feel a million times better when I'm tied to your arms.  

5.  you are enthusiastic about life and love.  It's contagious.  I look forward to a beautiful life with you because of your sunny disposition on life and love.  I know we'll always be fine no matter how strong the winds of adversity from time to time may be, because there's always more exciting and fulfilling things we can do together.

Your love is like the rain - refreshing, nourishing, and satisfying.


27 July 2012.  Check out the cool VIDEO version of this blog post.  Click here to watch the awesome video.


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