Friday, July 27, 2012

5 More Things I Love About You - The Video

"What a pleasant surprise?!"  Don't you just love receiving unexpected gifts?  I am not talking about presents wrapped in multi-colored paper and ribbons.  Simple friendly notes, unpretentious "I Love You's", and thoughtful voice messages - expressions of one's heart swathed in layers of sincerity, hugs, and kisses.  That's what I am talking about, and frankly I don't mind receiving one from you.  (He-he-he)

I just made my first video a couple of days ago, and I thought that it would be fitting to make a second one (especially when the creative juices are still flowing through my body, he-he-he).  Since the first video is about "5 Things I Love About You", it's but natural to make the second video about my blog post "5 More Things I Love About You".

It would be great to send this video to your loved one.  Surprise him.  Send him an email, and tell him you have a short video about the things you love about him.  I am sure he will appreciate that.  I remember one time when I received a handwritten thank-you note from a friend in college.  It made my day!  No, it made my week!  She thanked me for the time I spent teaching her the lessons she missed.  It was the first time I received a heartfelt note.  Although we rarely see each other after graduation, we remained friends and still in touch with each other (thanks to facebook!).  My point is that a sincere expression of gratitude is like the air you breathe.  It can sustain you… support you… carry you.

Who knows?  Although you should not expect nor hope for anything in return, he might just return your thoughtful gesture with a "pleasant surprise"!

I hope you liked the video.  The video can be yours absolutely free!  Please register in my Google Friend Connect (at the right lower corner of this page) so I can send you the mp4 file (or if you prefer the higher quality Quicktime .mov version) through e-mail.  Many thanks.

(The original music is entitled "I Dunno" by grapes at

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