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Part 2: Interview with JEMDAHUNK of "How to Dance in the Club" Viral Videos.

Here is Part 2 of my interview with JEMDAHUNK.  I asked him some more things about YouTube, and his opinion on some current social issues.  I am glad that I took the chance in interviewing this young but quite insightful budding artist and YouTube sensation.  I admire his take on some issues.  I was however, utterly exhilarated… delighted by what he said about happiness.  jemdahunk said, "whatever makes you happy, go for it…".  I completely agree.  It perfectly goes with my tagline: Reality. Inspiration. Happiness.  Thanks, jemdahunk!

For those of you who do not have a tiny clue of what I am talking about, please play this video and see for yourself.

After playing the video, I am sure you can't close your mouth either in amazement or laughter… or both.   Well, whichever the case may be, let's add one more jaw-dropping video for your pleasure.  Here is jemdahunk's newest video, "How to Act in a Conflict".

Okay, that's already too much excitement for one day.  Now, let's get to meet the guy behind those viral videos.  Are you ready?  Okay.  For those of you who missed the first part of the interview, click on the link below:


lifestylecheck101:  what makes a video viral?
jemdahunk:                         1. if people can relate to it;  2. if it's moving emotions;  3. if it's funny;  4. if it's really stupid.

lifestylecheck101:  great inputs on what makes a video viral.  Are these from what you observed in those videos of others, or from your own experience from your own videos?  From your list, do you think your videos have all of those criteria including "really stupid"?
jemdahunk:                         I don't think any of my videos have something stupid in it.  I think it is kind of witty… because I don't like to cross stupidity and for it to be so corny.

lifestylecheck101:  how many number of views required for a video to be considered viral?  or trending?  Just in case you know, because I don't.
jemdahunk:                         I'm really not sure.  I have no idea also.

lifestylecheck101:  how do you react to negative comments?
jemdahunk:                         nothing… there will always be someone who will be negative… I let them do what they want.

lifestylecheck101: you don't react to negative comments, but are you somehow affected?
jemdahunk:                         of course, for a… 1/4 of a second, then I move on.

lifestylecheck101: I guess you have a lot of free time after your day job.  Hence, you were able to have an outlet to fill those boring times.  Which one is more fulfilling? Getting up for work, OR creating and posting your YouTube videos?
jemdahunk:                         creating a video.

lifestylecheck101: what do you plan to achieve in posting those videos?
jemdahunk:                        nothing really.  Maybe the fun out of it.  Specially here in the UAE where it's really boring.  You have to have an outlet.

lifestylecheck101: do you have any idea about monetization of YouTube channels?
jemdahunk:                         yes.  Basically, it's based on YouTube if they want you to become their partner so they can start posting ads on your YouTube channel.

lifestylecheck101: some YouTube channels make millions of dollars due to viral videos.  There's one featured in TMZ about one YouTuber that posts funny videos.  I hope you make it and tag me along the way.  LOL.  Seriously, when your earnings from YouTube (we are talking about the future now) kicks off (as I bet you're headed that way), just in case this happens, will you leave your day job?
jemdahunk:                         hmm, no… I will not.

liestylecheck101:  how is money important to you?
jemdahunk:                         it's a necessity… but, I don't like to be luxurious.

lifestylecheck101:  some YouTube sensation like Mike Bustos (need I say Charice?) crossed over from YouTube to mainstream entertainment.  Do you aspire for such, like maybe acting or behind the camera jobs in local TV networks here in the Philippines?
jemdahunk:                         why not, if there is a good offer?  But I will not go and look for it… it's hard.

lifestylecheck101:  what do you say to the attention you and your videos are getting now?
jemdahunk:                         I am happy that I was able to show myself that I am an entertaining guy.  Maybe this is the reason why my friends are always laughing when they're with me.

lifestylecheck101: ultimately, what's the message you want to convey to your viewers through your videos?
jemdahunk:                         always be positive.  Always laugh and always love… then if you have those three… spread them to the ones who need it.

lifestylecheck101:  great message - positivity, laughter, and love.  Do you think each of your video conveys this message?
jemdahunk:                         yes… not really love but laughter.  I like making people laugh.


lifestylecheck101: I have some sensitive social issues.  You don't have to answer them if you are not comfortable with the questions.  I just want to pick your brains about social issues since a single YouTube video is a catalyst and a critical component of a powerful social medium.  How should Filipinos living outside of the Philippines react with the bullying of China over the Scarborough Shoal?
jemdahunk:                         Basically, we can't do anything.  All we can do is pray.  But as an OFW (overseas Filipino worker), I am saddened that this is happening.  I'm a very positive guy and anything that has to do with guns, and war, and death, and bruises, and blood… it's a no, no for me… I hope it can be solved in a peaceful manner.

lifestylecheck101: I am also for peaceful means.  Any proposal on how to peacefully solve the shoal dispute if both countries believe that their sovereignty is trampled on if one claims it over the other?
jemdahunk:                         I think China should consider the fact that a lot of countries are siding with the Philippines.  The code is there for a reason.  Not really sure what the name of the code is.  But there is this code.   hahahahaha.

(jemdahunk is referring to the Geneva Convention on International Laws of the Seas that provides the Philippines rights over the Scarborough Shoal since it is inside Philippine waters based on the perimeter limits mandated by that international law.)

lifestylecheck101: have you been following the impeachment?  I just want to know if you think the verdict is just.
jemdahunk:                         haven't been following it.  Sorry.

lifestylecheck101: any thoughts at all about the Corona impeachment?
jemdahunk:                         if someone sinned according to the law, then he should pay for the consequences.  He was proven guilty.  The law is there for a reason, and the jury is also there for a reason.

lifestylecheck101: how do you react to prejudice against Filipinos or foreigners in general if any, there in UAE?
jemdahunk:                         UAE is a nice country especially in Dubai.   It is boring for me because I don't have a family… that's my side of the story.  There are some who had a bad experience and I feel sorry for them… in all countries, there will always be bad people.  So, I cannot say that because one or more people had a bad experience, that the whole country is bad.

lifestylecheck101: I agree on your notion.  But there will always be stereotype.  How is the Filipinos stereotyped in Dubai, if at all?
jemdahunk:                         hardworking and quiet.  Law-abiding residents.

lifestylecheck101: what do you think of gay marriage?
jemdahunk;                         I pass on this one… sorry.

lifestylecheck101: any particular reason why you did not comment?
jemdahunk:                         I don't want to put myself in a position where people will tell me, you are wrong, or you are right.  What I can say is, whatever makes you happy, go for it…

Brilliant advise jemdahunk!  If you have some questions you want jemdahunk answered, post them here.  We'll see if we can get jemdahunk answer them.

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