Friday, June 1, 2012

"How to Dance in the Club" Viral Video. Interview with JEMDAHUNK.

Social Media with its Firm Grip.

YouTube has changed the way we spend our leisure time.  No, erase that.  YouTube has changed the way we live.  Period.

BEFORE you watch TV at home, go out to see movies, plays, or musicals.  You go out, have some fun with the family, and end those special nights with a nightcap.  You engage in sports with your friends, join marathons, watch athletic meets, and so on.

NOW:  check if nigahiga has come up with another hilarious rant, or if hapislip has some new parody to share in her YouTube channel.  You also check if shirtless wickydkewl has some fabulous tips on how to come out from the closet, or if boyceavenue has a new cover of your favorite Adele song.

You watch movies in YouTube;  watch theater plays, musicals, and concerts in YouTube; watch the news on YouTube;  watch TV shows on YouTube;  watch how to cook in YouTube;  watch how to speak another language in YouTube;  watch the space in YouTube; watch ghosts and goblins appear on YouTube;  watch sports on YouTube;  watch yourself, for crying out loud, on YouTube.  YouTube, YouTube, YouTube!

Will it get out of hand?  Only time will tell…

Social media at its finest.

The "best gift" of YouTube, a legacy so to speak, is the undeniable platform that showcases to the world "truly" talented and gifted people.  We call them "YouTube sensations" because their videos in YouTube shows their exceptional and sensational talents.  There's Charice, Greyson Chance, Ryan Higa, Chester See, Davey Wavey, and so much more.   Now, there's another one sensation in the offing - jemdahunk.

I saw his 3 videos entitled "How to Dance in the Club".  The first one was added in YouTube a week ago but has already garnered more than a million views.  Not only that but the popularity of that video jumped off from the world wide web and landed on national TV news in the Philippines and other Asian nations like Indonesia.  His videos were featured in at least two TV networks here in the Philippines which I guess would have made his videos all the more popular.  This is completely phenomenal for someone who has posted his first video only a month ago.  Wow!

For those of you who haven't seen the hit video, why don't you take a peek?  It will only take a couple of minutes.  Prepare to laugh your heart out.  Here it is:

Meet jemdahunk.

I bet that you would want to know the person behind this video.  So, before his popularity shoot up to the moon where I would have to schedule an appointment with his personal assistant for an interview, I decided to contact him and make the interview now.  He was so nice to accommodate me.  I took a chance and I knew he would grant me the interview since he was kind enough to allow another "YouTuber"  (YouTube user) to make a similar video copying his moves.  Anyway, the interview went and I get to pick his brain out.

jemdahunk, Jem Mark in real life, is his YouTube user ID.  I purposely did not ask for his last name as I actually prefer calling an artist by his or her stage name, or in this case, by his YouTube user ID.   So we'll refer to him as jemdahunk.

He is a Filipino who currently resides in Dubai.  He went to Dubai for a vacation after finishing his Travel and Tourism course in college in the States.  Since jemdahunk found a rather lucrative job as a cabin crew in an airline in Dubai, he stayed in Dubai instead of going back to the States.

If necessity is the mother of invention, well then, boredom is the mother of YouTube videos.  It is out of boredom that jemdahunk created his first video.  It was mildly successful since he only received a bit less than 50, 000 hits.  After a few weeks however, he went on making his "How To" videos.  Then suddenly, bam!  One video received more than a million hits in just a week!

Here's Part 2 of the How to Dance in the Club video.

Let's get to know jemdahunk more.

Here is the transcript of some parts of my interview with jemdahunk.  You'll get to know the person who ultimately wants to spread positivity, laughter, and if at all possible, love, in his videos.  Let's meet jemdahunk, shall we?


lifestylecheck101:        when did you leave the Philippines?
jemdahunk:                   when I was 16 years old.  I left for the USA, stayed there for 5 years to help my mom with a business, then went to UAE for a vacation because my sister lives here.

lifestylecheck101:      do you have any province here in the Philippines?
jemdahunk:                   Pangasinan.

lifestylecheck101:        jemdahunk, where is home?
jemdahunk:                   Philippines

lifestylecheck101:        aside from your sister, do you have other siblings?  Where are they now?
jemdahunk:                   in the Philippines.  I have a brother in Manila.

lifestylecheck101:      Okay. I have here some lame slum book questions. Please bear with me before we go to the real stuff.  Fave place to think things over?
jemdanunk:              bathroom.

lifestylecheck101:        fave place to vent out anger?
jemdahunk:                   bathroom

lifstylecheck101:      fave author, if any?
jemdahunk:                   jk rowlling, anne rice.

lifstylecheck101:         fave saying?
jemdahunk:                  weeeeeehhhh… di nga… LOL.

lifstylecheck101:         fave food?
jemdahunk:                  pork adobo.

lifstylecheck101:         fave color?
jemdahunk:                  white, it's not a color, but I like it.

lifstylecheck101:         coke or pepsi?
jemdahunk:                  diet coke.

lifstylecheck101:         day or night?
jemdahunk:                  night.

lifstylecheck101:         summer or winter?
jemdahunk:                  fall.

lifstylecheck101:         boxers or briefs?
jemdahunk:                  white briefs.

lifstylecheck101:         shop or drop?
jemdahunk:                  drop.

lifstylecheck101:         sing or dance?
jemdahunk:                  both.

lifstylecheck101:         lead or participate?
jemdahunk:                  participate.

lifstylecheck101:         observe or meddle?
jemdahunk:                  meddle.

lifstylecheck101:         repair or buy?
jemdahunk:                  repair first, then buy.

lifestylecheck101: talk or listen?
jemdahunk:                  both, equally


lifestylecheck101: who's your favorite artist?
jemdahunk:                 Michael V., Sarah Geronimo, Sarah Geronimo, and Sarah Geronimo.

lifestylecheck101: Michael V., I understand.  He's your inspiration, funny-wise, yes?  Why Sarah Geronimo?
jemdahunk:                 yes, because she is talented and she personifies the real Filipina.

lifestylecheck101: who's your role model?
jemdahunk:                 no one.  I haven't thought of it so maybe it means I don't have one.

lifestylecheck101: aside from these artists, who do you look up to for guidance in life?  Any philosophical view guiding you through your course in life?
jemdahunk:                 the Bible.

lifestylecheck101: choose one, Mom or Dad?
jemdahunk:                 Mom.

lifestylecheck101: when was the last time you talked to your mom?
jemdahunk:                 I always talk with my mom.

lifestylecheck101: single most fun experience in life?
jemdahunk:                 to go to boracay

lifestylecheck101: single most painful experience in life?
jemdahunk:                 to have a surgery in the kidney due to congenital problems.

lifestylecheck101: do you have long-term goals, if any?
jemdahunk:                 not at the moment.  I just want to seize the day.  Life is very short… I know someone who is very intelligent and very talented.  Something terrible happened and now, he can't do anything.  I always think of him.  I pray he gets better.

lifestylecheck101: how do your closest friends perceive you?
jemdahunk:                 the funny but suplado (stuck-up, snobbish) one.

lifestylecheck101: how do you perceive yourself?
jemdahunk:                 the funny but suplado (stuck-up, suplado) one.  I can be serious if need be.

lifestylecheck101: they say that more often than not, how you perceive yourself is quite different with how others perceive you.  What do you think is the key in bringing these perceptions to the same focal point?
jemdahunk:                 just be yourself… don't try to please others.


lifestylecheck101: what's the reason behind your first post?
jemdahunk:                 I was sooo bored and I just wanted to have a hobby.

lifestylecheck101; no hobby at all before your first video post?  How about collection?  Do you collect anything at all?
jemdahunk:                 I don't collect.  I'd like to buy to replace, not to add.  I like to sing in the karaoke.

lifestylecheck101: are you a real club-goer?
jemdahunk:                 no.  I hate clubs because I have bronchitis and allergic rhinitis.  I can't stand the smell of smoke.  Maybe that's why I am a good observer.

lifestylecheck101: is your allergic rhinitis perennial or acute?
jemdahunk:                 perennial

lifestylecheck101: so, if you don't go to clubs, where did you learn those move for the video?  Which one single move is your fave?
jemdahunk:                 I go to clubs but I don't stay long.  I like the space hugger.

lifestylecheck101: what's the main theme if any, of your video posts?
jemdahunk:                 for now, it's how to videos.

lifestylecheck101: no thoughts yet to what would be after the "how to" videos?
jemdahunk:                 nope.  I don't like planning.  I like spontaneity.

lifestylecheck101: how long does it take to come up with a video post?
jemdahunk:                 2 hours?  3 hours?  sometimes a day when I'm tired.

lifestylecheck101: what do you consider is the most fun in the process of making the video? The ones in front of the camera or those activities taking place behind it?
jemdahunk:                 the place behind it… it is where the magic happens.

lifestylecheck101: where do you get your ideas?
jemdahunk:                 everyday life.  When I se something interesting or funny, I come up with a material based on that.

lifestylecheck101: what's your motivation in adding more videos to your YouTube channel?
jemdahunk:                 because it's fun.  I like seeing how people actually react to my videos.  But I always come back to why I started making it.  Because it's fun to make it - the acting, the editing, the finished product.


Look out for the continuation of the interview.  Get to know jemdahunk and how he responds to hard-hitting questions.

2 June 2012, Saturday.  Part 2 of JEMDAHUNK's interview is out now.  When asked on what's the message he wants to convey to his viewers, JEMDAHUNK said, "always be positive.  Always laugh and always love…. then if you have those three… spread them to the ones who need it.".  Quite exhilarating!

Check out part 2 of this cool guy's interview.  Click on the link below for the CONTINUATION of the interview.  Enjoy.

Let me know if there's anything you would want to know about jemdahunk.  Let's see if I can ask them.  Post your questions so we can ask him.