Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lighted Palm Trees, Mojacko Balls, and Heart Trees - Christmas Display in Ayala.

2012 Ayala Ave. Christmas Display - Christmas Mojacko Balls.
2012 Ayala Ave. Christmas Display - Christmas Heart Trees.
This one's in Makati Ave. (2012 Christmas Display in Makati).
I told you so.  Preparations for Christmas in the Philippines shift in full gear after the celebration of All Souls' Day.  Ayala Ave., the premier thoroughfare in the Makati Central Business District (CBD), started lighting its Christmas display last Monday, November 4.   The avenue's "center island" that is lined with "expensive" palm trees and ornamental plants are now adorned with white LED lights, "mojacko balls", and "heart trees".  The display this year is quite simple but elegant!

Last month, I posted an article about Filipinos starting Christmas in September.  I offered an explanation as to why we Filipinos have this peculiar 4-month long celebration - the longest in the world.  There were also a ton of pictures in that post which were taken from last year's Christmas displays from all around the metro.  If you wish to take a short trip in memory lane, follow the link below:

This year, there are no lanterns in the shape of angels, bells, or stars adorning the top part of the lamp posts.  Instead, the trunks of the palm trees along the center part of Ayala Ave. are covered with white LED lights.  A group of white LED light balls fondly called "mojacko balls" can be seen interspersed in the center island.  What's new this year are the "heart trees".  The LED light strips are shaped into flat, seemingly two-dimensional cardboard trees with hearts forming in the leaves, branches, and simpodial growth.  These heart trees are also found interspersed along the stretch of the avenue.

Watch the short videos I took last night while riding along Ayala Ave., and see for yourself the 2012 Ayala Ave. Christmas lights display:

(Watch out for more posts featuring Christmas displays around the metro.)

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