Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween, Gangnam Style.

I was looking for an animated GIF (i.e., stands for Graphics Interchange Format, an image format that is commonly used for simple graphics movement) of a skeleton doing the ridiculously popular Korean dance hit - the Gangnam Style.  I cannot find any.  So, I settled for this jerking skeleton trying to be scary.  LOL!

I just want to greet my friends all over the world a Happy Halloween!


Here, in the Philippines, it's crazy!  We actually do not have this tradition nor celebrate All Hallow's Eve (i.e., the word Halloween is actually a contraction of the phrase "Hallow's Evening").  I also do not think it has any Christian roots.  It has western pagan roots, maybe.  Jack-o'-lantern, the headless horseman, and trick-or-treat are alien concepts to Filipinos.  Anyway, as I said, it's crazy here.  Some cities have parties, even parades with people in costumes complete with masks and/or prosthetics.

Some companies even set aside some hours for the kids of their employees to go around and do "trick or treat".  This phenomenon started in the late 90's.  Before that, the center of attention is only All Souls' Day where people go to the cemetery, visit their departed loved ones, and offer prayers, flowers and candles.  That's it.  But now, influenced much by the western concept of Halloween, I felt that the activities done before All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day are a bit disconnected from the solemn purpose of remembering the dead.

Well, give it to Filipinos who at most times embrace anything related to "merrymaking".  Enough said.  I don't want to dampen your celebratory mood.  He-he-he.

Again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to one and all!


  1. haha! GIF is really amazing on blog post. And so is the Gang Nam song. It was nice to drop by.