Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree at the Glorietta Complex in Ayala CBD

Fluffy.  The (more or less) 30-foot white Christmas tree in the small park between Glorietta 4 and 5 in the Makati central business district looks "fluffy".  From afar, one would think that it is made of cotton, or perhaps white feathers.  But a close inspection would reveal that the white fir leaves are actually vinyl.  They were quite effective in producing the "cottony" look-and-feel maybe because the fir leaves weren't sticking out or pointing outwards just like in traditional Christmas trees.  They are rather fixed as covering to a conical structure.  Silver-glittered balls and fern leaves serve as trimmings.  The big LED-light mojacko ball crowns the tree.  What the Ayala Glorietta complex has is a simple but quite an elegant tree.  This seems to be the overall concept of Ayala's Christmas display this year -  white, simple, and elegant.

Several small similar trees are scattered in the park.  When you are done taking pictures or just simply admiring these Christmas trees, head for the mall.  There are 8-foot tall angels with wide open arms waiting to greet you in every entrance of the mall.   The concept used in the Christmas tree can be seen in the angels - white fir vinyl leaves, silver-glittered balls and fern leaves, and LED lights.   These imposing yet inviting Christmas angels were actually displayed before the Christmas trees hit the park.  And now, humongous matching lanterns are being displayed inside and outside of the mall.  Oh!  Christmas indeed, is just around the corner!

(More 2012 Christmas display posts to come.)

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