Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Philippine Impeachment Court Drama

Reality check.  Manila.  5:30 pm.  22 May 2012.

Senate Building Lockdown.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the presiding officer of the Impeachment Court,  ordered the closure of the whole Senate building.  Chief Justice Renato Corona, the respondent,  unexpectedly walked out after he has given his opening statement in front of the Impeachment Court.  He is not yet discharged by the court as a witness but hurried out of  the Senate session hall.  All doors, entrances, and exits were closed down.  As of this writing, it has been more than 45 minutes now and the impeachment respondent is still out of the session hall.  The court and us Filipinos watching are still waiting!!!

Walk-out.  Contemptuous?

Impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona was given all the leeway by the Impeachment Court in his more than 3-hour opening statement, he responded with a discourteous walk-out.  As an ordinary citizen watching this seemingly dramatic events unfolding, IMHO isn't this cowardice?

If the respondent is sincere in all of his claims, he should have faced cross-examination.  He is the highest official of the courts, and he knows the proper decorum in trials.  As such, he knows that such an act, walking out while on the witness stand, is discourteous and reprehensible.  He should boldly face his accusers and answer every question in cross-examination.

Drama and dramatics?

In his more than 3-hour speech, Chief Justice Renato Corona had several times paused and appeared emotional.  He appeared to be teary-eyed while recounting some of the hardships he and his family has suffered in the past months while the impeachment trial in on-going.  He also glanced with seeming contempt several times at the prosecution panel while asserting his innocence of the charges made against him.

The Chief Justice has waived his rights and allowed his bank accounts including the controversial  dollar accounts be opened for scrutiny.  He however, would do so if the 188 congressmen who impeached him in the Lower House and one senator, Franklin Drilon, would also sign the same waiver.

Sugar level went up or down?  There's a huge commotion and we do not know whether his diabetes fired up.  Chief Justice Renato Corona is now shown on TV on a wheelchair being wheeled in to the Senate's clinic.

Continuing saga…

We the Filipinos are eagerly waiting on how this impeachment trial will end.  What matters most for me is that the TRUTH should prevail.  We want to know the truth to the dollar accounts, properties, and  machinations inside the Supreme Court.  

Please spare us of the drama and dramatics.  We have enough of that from daytime soaps and primetime telenovelas.  Speak the truth, please.

UPDATE as of 6:15 pm.  Chief Justice Renato Corona went back to the session hall on a wheel chair.  It was said that he became hypoglycemic even minutes before the end of his long speech / testimony.  The Presiding Officer Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile made it clear that the Senate will not be subjected to such insult or humiliation.  The hearing will resume tomorrow afternoon.  If the Chief Justice will not want to be cross-examined then all of  his testimonies will be stricken out and that the judges will decide on the case based only on the evidences presented on the court.  We will soon see...

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