Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All-out Support for Lady Gaga. GAGAnatics Were Born That Way.

Sold out!  Sold out!

On the first night, it was reported that more than 10 thousand "GAGAnatics" stormed to the Mall of Asia Arena to see the international pop superstar Lady Gaga's "The Born This Way Ball" concert.  It was a sold out!

On the second night, it was reported that about 15 thousand fans came to see the controversial pop icon.  Just like yesterday, some came dressed in outlandish, bordering on outrageous costumes, but artistic nonetheless.  Again, as expected, it was a sold out!

Protests no more...

Unlike the first night, there were no protests or vigils mounted against Lady Gaga's "The Born This Way Ball" 2nd-night concert in Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena.  Reports said that the 21-man monitoring team of the Pasay City Mayor's office finds nothing that may offend any religious sectors in Lady Gaga's performance in her first concert night yesterday.   Hence, the second night of concert was allowed to take place by the city officials.  Even the mayor of the said city in his interview with the local TV station GMA 7 finds nothing offensive in the song Alejandro which was performed despite reports of reservation of the Arena's management.

The GAGA mystique.

The 2-day sold out Manila concert of the international pop superstar Lady Gaga is a testament of the artist's popularity and influence over the younger generation.  Local celebrities as well as international stars watched Lady Gaga.  Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries fame, who is in Manila now for a photo shoot for his endorsement of a local clothing brand, watched the show.

What I find refreshing and fascinating is Mr. Bien Lumbera's view on Lady Gaga.  Mr. Bien Lumbera is a revered National Artist for Literature of the Philippines.  In his interview in the news report of GMA 7,  he finds Lady Gaga as a "cultural artist".   Lady Gaga effectively conveys her artistry and influences cultures through music and videos.

The next leg in Lady Gaga's Asian stop is Bangkok.  The Philippines will miss Lady Gaga!

Notes:  Pasay City is one of the cities in Metro Manila where the Mall of Asia Complex (which includes the Arena) is located.   Some pieces of information are gleaned from 24 Oras (24 Hours) and Saksi.  These are the daily news reports of the local TV station GMA 7 that telecast programs to the whole Philippines.  I'm a an avid fan of their news and current affairs programs.

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