Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gaga Over Gaga

Icon for an icon.

Manila.  21 May 2012, Monday.   International pop superstar and icon Lady Gaga arrived yesterday in the Philippines for her "The Born This Way Ball" concert tonight at the gorgeous, newly constructed, iconic twenty-thousand-seater Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena.  The original one-night concert has been extended due to popular demand.  She will also perform in the same venue on an additional show tomorrow, Tuesday.

Protests from several religious groups.

As of this writing prayer vigils are being held in some parts of Manila as protest to Lady Gaga's on-going concert while some die-hard fans and attendees of the concert reported from the news hours ago are shown dressed in outrageous costumes.  The Philippines indeed, is the quintessential democracy - social equality in terms of freedom of expression and speech.

Why are these groups protesting?  It's definitely not because of "gaga".  Did you know that the word "gaga" is a derogatory word in Tagalog?  It means a silly, foolish, stupid, dumb, or senseless woman.  More likely they are protesting because of "Gaga" - her songs and videos and their perceived meanings.  Let's examine for a bit.

"Gaga-ness" in Gaga.

According to the news yesterday, the management of the MOA Arena requested the organizers of the concert to remove two songs from Lady gaga's repertoire.  The songs they do not want to hear are Alejandro and Judas.  As of this writing,  I do not know if this request was accepted by the organizers.  Why do they not like the two songs?  According to some, the songs and their videos are a mockery of some Christian beliefs.  If this is true, the Philippines being primarily a Catholic nation, some religious groups definitely won't allow the performance of such songs.

There's more.  Lady Gaga is surrounded with so much controversy in relation with the occult.  Here are the things I have heard so far.  In Lady Gaga's monster hit Bad Romance, the first and probably the most recognizable verse is said to be a dedication to the Sun God Ra.  In the video of that song, Lady Gaga has a raised spinal column which according to some symbolizes the "devil".   Lady Gaga is sometimes seen with an eye patch which is viewed as a dedication to the Egyptian god Horus that is associated in a lot of Freemasonry symbols including Illuminati symbolism which Lady Gaga is rumored to be a member of.  The "worst" rumor for me is that she is said to have undergone a ritual or some pact with the devil so that  she'll be granted enormous fame and fortune.  This was recounted in her song and video Mary of the Night.  If one will believe all of these horrific insinuations and accusations, then a protest is more than justifiable.  There's limit to artistic expression!  But then again, you have the right to believe in whatever you want to believe in.  For those who dismiss these insinuations and accusations as nothing but intrigues attached to a person with a superstar status like Lady Gaga, then watching her concert is their right.

The bottom line.

It's great to live in a country where you are free to express your opinions in the streets and free to do what you will.  In the final analysis, Lady Gaga also has the right to artistically express herself through her songs and videos.  If you find her songs and videos offensive, then please do not watch or support her.  But on the other hand, if you believe that she's an awesome artist, then by all means support her and watch her concert.  The bottom line is that  you have the right to make your own decision!


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