Friday, April 20, 2012

My Music Angel...

Here in the Philippines, it's either be smart about your spending or go on splurging at the countless malls for brand names.   I chose to be "smart" because there's no more money left after spending so much in the malls.  LOL!  I have to be smart in buying a sleeve for my recently purchased tablet (yes, the tablet was bought at the mall, hahahaha).  So, it's off to Divisoria where knick-knacks, knock-offs, and supposedly good quality tablet sleeves abound.

On the floor of 168 Mall where gadgets and accessories are sold, I was drawn to some stores selling candy-colored-oh-so-cute digital speakers.  I don't know why, but I think I am a speaker-addict.  Yes, I think I need help.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  I currently have 2 sets of BOSE multimedia speakers... 2 sets of JBL and 1 LG home entertainment system.  I recently got rid of my Omnisphere speakers and previously owned Samsung, Daewoo, Aiwa, Sony, Xenon, and JVC home entertainment systems.  Yeah, I know, I'm a hopeless speaker freak!  It is because I kept on searching for that great full and crisp sound as I love listening to classical music and instrumentals.  Anyway, I am quite satisfied with BOSE... at least for the moment.  But these candy-colored speakers are really cute.  I have to hear them.

I went from store to store.  I was shocked and completely disappointed as these digital speakers are all fake!  Fake.  Fake.  Fake.  Knock-offs!  They sounded like cats banging on the roof... really awful!  Why was I surprised??  I am in Divisoria for crying out loud.  One store clerk however, after hearing me blubber my disappointments asked me to hear their "original" MUSIC ANGEL.  Well, why not?  I was stunned and mesmerized!.  This mini aluminum audio cube sounded amazing.  Wooaahhh!

Well, the speaker looks original.  Why did I say that?  First, the construction is flawless.  The whole body is made of aluminum.  The paint job is impressive.  There are no protruding plastics or excess materials, uneven paint, rugged edges, nor misprints.  Second, the sound is fantastic for its size and lightyears away from the quality of the other digital cubes.  Third, the packaging is impressive.  The cube is housed in an acrylic case complete with documentation and carry-on sling.  The documentation is readable, meaning, it's written in good English.  It even has a website address that provided more info about the item.  The cube also has Quality Control stickers and hologram.  So, with all my powers of deduction, I strongly believe that this item is original.  He-he-he-he.

Below are the actual specs of the MUSIC ANGEL speakers as described in the documentation (i.e., speaker's functional parameters):

  • output:  RMS 3W  THD = 10%
  • frequency response: 150 - 18000HZ (+- 3dB)
  • signal and noise ratio of power amplifier:  >= 80 dB
  • loud speaker:  1.77 inches (external diameter 45 mm) magnetic resistant 4 Ohms
  • power supply:  5V, 1000mA

What I love about this little wonder is that it has a built-in Lithium battery that you can charge from your computer or wall charger.  This makes it mobile!  It has an FM receiver and would you guess a slot for a micro SD?  Yes, this makes the MUSIC ANGEL an mp3 player.  VERY COOL!  It even comes in great candy colors - blue, pink, green, silver, and black.  For 600 Pesos (about 14 US Dollars), this is a steal!  The price would even go down if you purchase 6 pieces or more.  This is Divisoria after all.  It's wholesale place, baby.

Wait!!!  I am supposed to buy a tablet sleeve.  Oh, well.  I already spent my money on my MUSIC ANGEL.  Some other time for the sleeve, ok???

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  1. One way to find out if your music angel is fake is the forward button in mp3 mode (with mini sd), press once and it jumps to the next song, long press should jump to the next folder. Class A fakes don't do this, if you long press the forward button, it fast-forwards the current song which is really annoying to the ears.