Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indulge A Little!

Three layers of goodness.  Green tea cake topped with cream and red beans.  Oh, so good!  A layer of chocolate cake followed by another layer of green tea cake.  Finally, accented by cherries, white chocolate, and green tea meringue.  Perfection!  Bread Talk's Green Tea Chocolate Cake stole my heart.

This is how I indulge myself... just a little.  Do you still remember the first time you intimately dined in a gorgeous restaurant with your dearest one?  "Bolliger, Risotto Nicoise, and Death by Chocolate.  Uhmmm!  Nice!"  When was the last time you treated yourself with a diamond peel or foot spa?  How about that ventosa massage?  Have you ever felt the grass touch the sole of your feet on that barefoot walk in the park on a sunny weekday afternoon?  (So, Pretty Woman, isn't it?  LOL!)  Did you ever try a sip of Earl Grey from your grandmother's heirloom Royal Doulton fine bone china cup that you can only see for the longest time displayed in her china cabinet?  What I am saying is "LIVE A LITTLE".  Try something new and a bit luxurious.  Hey, you so deserve it!

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