Thursday, March 8, 2012

Straight or bent?... Take one (at a time).

I was wandering around Megamall (one of the largest malls in the Philippines) and it's getting late.  So, before going home I decided to pass by French Baker and buy some bread for tomorrow's breakfast.  I saw these freshly baked croissant.  They smell and looked so good!  I have to take some pictures.  Yes, with my Alcatel OneTouch Blaze Glory.  He-he-he.

Straight or bent?  Which one to get?  While thinking, my mind wandered off... There were times that no matter how hard we try, it would seem that our efforts are useless in reaching our goals.  On the other hand, there were times that without even asking for them, opportunities as well as helping hands unexpectedly fall on our laps that aid us in effortlessly fulfilling our objectives.

Good or bad luck, straight or bent, yin or yang, over or under, left or right, true or false, black or white, to be or not to be... we are in a constant state of selection... more aptly perhaps in a state of perception of one over the other.

No matter what situation we're in or what decision we have to make, the thing is to take one step at a time... little by little, one by one.  Decide, then act!  Before we know it, we had them all and we're done!

Wait... (back to reality).  He-he-he.  Not quite!  I still haven't decided which one to buy.  Oh, OK.  I got these.

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