Friday, March 9, 2012

Filipino Food Perfection. C2 Classic Cuisine

Aside from adobo, the SINIGANG is the quintessential Filipino food.  At C2 Classic Cuisine, perfection is redefined to a higher level of gastronomic delight.  C2 Classic Cuisine dishes are what I consider Filipino Food Perfection.  They have savory food and an award-winning dessert to boot.  I recently celebrated my birthday at this resto and there's no other option in meeting my "balik-bayan" friend but here in C2.

crispy ribs sinigang
My best friend from high school recently visited Manila from Seoul.  We had so much fun especially because we both enjoyed the food in our rendezvous.  She was dying to eat her favorite Filipino food, the sinigang.  Now, at C2 Classic Cuisine, the sinigang had a marvelous twist.

Two of my favorite dishes here are the CRISPY RIIBS SINIGANG and LUMPIANG LUCENA.

What makes the sinigang here different from the regular sinigang is that the meat is crispy beef ribs.  You usually cook sinigang with pork, fish, or shrimps.  The crispy beef ribs are served with tangy tamarind broth and native vegetables (i.e., kangkong, sitaw, long green pepper, and labanos).  The dish is excellent.  The beef ribs are indeed crispy.  The broth is indeed tangy.  The vegetables are fresh.  It is up to you if you want to mix the broth and the crispy beef or eat them separately.  Because the broth is sooooo good, I always tell the waiter to bring me additional bowl of broth.  He-he-he...

lumpiang lucena
The LUMPIANG LUCENA is to die for.  Those deep-fried spring rolls have crumbled longganiza, vegetables, and shredded coconut meat.  Once you dip those spring rolls in garlic-vinegar, Oh!, it's Oh! My God!

I recommend you to try this resto.  The prices are a bit steep but you get excellent food.  They have branches in Shangri-la Mall, Megmall, and Robinson's Place in Ermita.  They recently closed their Power Plant Mall Rockwell branch but opened a new one in Greenhills.  My fave is in Shang and in Rockwell.  You get to bump elbows with "artistas" (local stars).  LOL.

My other fave dishes from C2 are Binagoong Lechon Kawali, Tinolang Binakol, Pinakbet at Bagnet, Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion, and of course their award-winning dessert - the Bibingka Souffle. Try them all!

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