Saturday, March 3, 2012

Part 2. I Finally Found The Phone I Was Looking For...

I was considering Samsung Galaxy Y.   At a price of about 6 thousand pesos,  I would get an Android phone running Gingerbread 2.3.5 with 2 MP rear camera, a processor of 830 MHz,  180 MB ROM and a 290 MB user-available RAM, bluetooth, WI FI, and a 240-by-320-pixel 3-inch capacitive touch screen.  Looks and sounds perfect to me.  Well, yes, considering my budget.  LOL.

Almost everywhere I look, people seem to have been bitten by this KOREAN BUG, I mean Samsung bug.  Bwahahaha.  It's like when you say ANDROID phone, it's synonymous to Samsung.  Yeah, okay, I agree, not quite!  Having this feeling of still being not satisfied, well, the screen is okay but the size is, hmmm, I think a bit small for me...  I began considering those locally manufactured mobile phones.  With the same price, I can get a phone with DUAL SIM that's dual stand-by.  But then again, I hear some people chattering, probably in the same predicament as I am, that the locally manufactured ones are not that sturdy...???  Maybe, some more time is needed for these manufacturers to mature... and besides I don't like the TV in the phone.  I don't know why.  Maybe because it reminds me of knock-off cellphones sold at Divisoria?

So, I kept walking.  My feet are dragging me to explore some more.  Did I tell you that my feet are independent from my  brain.  He-he-he.  And it's even psychic.  LOL!  At the end of the CyberGateway in Megamall, there's the ALCATEL kiosk.  Okay, ALCA-what?  Isn't that an old manufacturer of landline phone units?  Curious and intrigued, I went over and looked at their mobile phones.  To my amazement there it is... the GLORY hole.  Sorry!  I mean Blaze Glory dual sim phone.  And it's on sale!  From the previous price of 7,999 pesos, it's now down to 5,999 pesos.  Woah!  It's the same price as the Samsung Galaxy Y.  I have to check its specs.

Okay, so the screen is a bit bigger than Samsung's.  It's a 320-by-480-pixel 3.2-inch capacitive multi-touch screen.  Great!  The rear camera is 3 MP.  Check!  It even has a "panorama" shooting option.  Check-check!  It runs on 2.3.5 Gigerbread.  Check again!   Oooooooh.  This phone's getting a lot of checks.  Soon it'll be a checkmate.  LOL!  CPU is 650 MHz.  O-oh!  Lower than the Samsung's.  But the ROM is more than twice, 512 MB, so I guess that can compensate for the lower processor speed.  Ha-ha-ha.  I am seeing myself trying to justify the pending purchase.  Must see more advantage here...  Oh, I see that the battery has better amperage (don't know if I used this word properly).  Alcatel has Lithium-ion battery of 1300 mAh.  Samsung has 1200 mAh.  This means that Alcatel's will last longer, I suppose.  WI FI and bluetooth.  Well, those are pretty much standard.  Oh yeah, Alcatel is heavier.  It weighs around 120 grams while Samsung weighs around 98 grams.  This is actually good for me.  Alcatel feels like a phone and not like a toy.  What else?... what would decide my purchase?... Then there it is.  It's DUAL SIM, DUAL STANDBY!  I must have this phone... NOW!

So, I bought ALCATEL BLAZE GLORY 918N and VERY HAPPY about it.  I was so ecstatic that I convinced my sister to buy one.  She wanted the white one (there's 2 colors to choose from, black and white) but opted for the black one.  The rubber surface of the phone makes it more appealing and of course serves its purpose of easier and more secure grip.  Haaaay!  I finally found the phone I was looking for.... I know because my feet are already tired.  LOL!

P.S.  I was told by the customer rep that Alcatel is a european brand.  Woah!  Makes it even better...


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