Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Green Robot Has Landed... on my desk.

"I... robot.  Green... robot.
     Name... Android.
          I... eat your apple.
               Pweh!  Me, no mouth.  How eat?
                    (Sigh... sigh...)"

I LOVE THE ROBOT!  I am enjoying the ANDROID OS so much.  It's easy to use and so robust with features, to think I am just playing around with Gingerbread.  The higher versions, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich should be yummier!!!  Hats off to Google and the community that continuously develop this "uber" sleek Linux-based operating system.  

While looking for a tablet sleeve for my sister in Divisoria's 168 Mall, I found this good looking ANDROID doll.  Surprise!  It is actually a speaker.  It can play mp3 files from micro SD cards.  You can also connect your music players via USB.  What's great about this speaker is that it has a rechargeable battery so you can bring this robot on the go.  Such a great find for only 550 pesos!  How does it sound, you ask?   Well, it's actually not bad.  It's forgivable because I LOVE THE ROBOT!  LOL!

Ah-wooooh... ah-wooooh!  I, robot.  I... like... eat apple... and shatter windows... me, more fun!  Ha-ha-ha.... hah!

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