Friday, March 2, 2012

I Finally Found The Phone I Was Looking For...

You would not believe the countless hours I spent scouring stores and kiosks in malls all over Metro Manila just to find that, uhhhm, "light-bulb-moment" phone.  Every second was worth the effort.  I finally found the phone I was looking for.  I have now in my hands ALCATEL Blaze Glory 918M.

I am very happy with my old phone, the MOTOROLA Q8.  Yeah, I know.  The phone is already more than 3 years old and runs on Windows Mobile 5.  What's great about this phone however, is that its keypad is QWERTY where 3 years ago, such feature can only be found in top-of-the-line BlackBerry's and HTC's.  At a sale price of 12 thousand pesos in 2009, the MOTOROLA Q8 without WIFI is a steal.  LOL!

Aside from the usual SMS and call functions, I also use the MOTOROLA Q to store records of my daily expenses.  That's pretty much what I needed from a mobile phone.  I was contented and happy with it.  Then came this wave of cellphones and handheld devices (i.e., tablets) packed with awesome features running on a sleek operating system with unbelievably super low price tags to boot.  Wow!  I cannot keep myself from thinking of several reasons to justify the need to replace my "o-oh!-by-now-would-be-deemed-jurrasic" super sturdy, "why-won't-you-die?" working phone.  Now, I just can't contain myself.

My feet started to walk to the direction of the mall's section where gadgets are being sold.  Yes, my feet are independent from my head.  I just can't control them.  Bwahahaha.  I began comparing functionality and price.  Well, it's mostly price since it's the main consideration.  A new phone after all isn't in my budget.

As expected, with myself contradicting myself, and giving in to the "itch of the flesh", well, mostly from my fingers wanting to touch those "capacitive" touch screens, I bought a SONY ERICSSON XPERIA W8.  It's an ANDROID phone and a walkman.  This combination, I like!  There's even a pair of speakers given out for free (that's gorgeous by the way and sounds fantastic) and a discount on the price.  I got the W8 for only 7,200 pesos from the Sony Ericsson retail center in Glorietta.  I thought it was a steal!  Alas, after just a little time playing with my new powerful and "soundtastic" phone, I got bored and went back using my Q8.  Woah!

Why?  Well, I got frustrated with the W8.  The ANDROID version 2.2 (Froyo) is awesome but lacks a lot compared with the newer and yummier versions - Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich.  Oh, they make me hungry.  My one source of frustration is with the W8's limited internal memory.  You can only obviously download a limited number of applications.  This constraint has been addressed by the later versions where you can opt to place the downloaded app to the external SD memory card.  Sigh....

So my feet began wandering again, store after store, kiosk after kiosk, mall after mall.  To my utter surprise and disbelief, I have found ALCATEL BLAZE GLORY!  It was a glorious day, indeed!

... to be continued!

My Oh-so-ever-loyal-why-won't you-quit Motorola Q8.

My Whirlwind-romance-thought-to-be-flexible-froyo-limited Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman Phone.

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