Friday, May 5, 2017

Pristine Waters of Masasa White Beach

Summertime!  Some enjoy basking under the sun clad in their designer swimsuit with matching designer spectacles.  I DON'T.  Some revel in the sight of cerulean waters and glistening white sand.   I REALLY DON'T.  Uhmm, maybe because I was trying so hard (and already spent so much) in making my skin tone significantly lighter than my original color.  And also because, you guessed it right, I do not know how to swim!  Oh, well...

Everything changed when I visited Masasa White Beach in Tingloy Island in the province of Batangas.  There's just no words for its pristine waters.  I did not care anymore.  I swam, if paddling for a few feet count, and just enjoyed the waters, the sun and the view for a few hours.

I was converted.  Mother nature is truly amazing! 

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