Monday, February 4, 2013

Coca Cola Polar Bear Stuffed Toy Collectibles

Oh! so cute, polar bears!  People used to collect memories.  They're free!  Nowadays, people collect all sorts of things.  I collect Coca Cola items because more often than not, the items are associated with a worthy cause or a meaningful advocacy.  Like these Coca Cola Polar Bears for instance.  These stuffed toys represent the efforts of organizations in saving the critically endangered polar bears in the Arctic region.

Although the polar bear is considered to be the largest carnivorous animal on land, you can't help but adore these cuddly Coca Cola polar bear collectibles.  They don't look ominous, do they?  Adult polar bears grow up to a height of close to 10 feet.  These small, soft, and cushy stuffed toys however, measures only 10 cm. tall.  I got these set of 4 polar bears from Mc Donald's last Christmas.  How about you?  Do you have your own set?

Well, truth be told, I actually have 3 sets.  Whenever you order a meal from McDonald's delivery web site (here in the Philippines), and for an upsize of the four Coca Cola drinks of their "Happy Bundle", you can avail of the polar bears for free.  The original run of the promotion was from 15 to 31 of December 2012.  It was extended however, up to 15 January 2013.

One polar bear wears a vest, one wears a scarf, one wears ear mufflers, and the last one wears some sort of a head piece.   I commend McDonald's, and especially Coca Cola for their efforts in spreading awareness about the critically endangered polar bears and of course helping out other organizations through financial support that have the same advocacy of saving polar bears.  Bravo!

Yey!  I now have more "meaningful" Coca Cola collectibles.  I do hope for more...


  1. I want one :) ....only one thing I don't eat Mc Donald's for over 6 years!.

  2. Hi there, Emohr Oemlab!

    We're looking for someone who collects stuff from Coke.

    What do you exactly collect? :D

    O hope to hear from you soon.

    - Justin