Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chasyu You, Kakuni Me. Ramen Bar.

Ramen Bar's Super Chasyu Big Bowl
Enjoying ramen with family at Ramen Bar in Robinsons Magnolia.
Have you tried Ramen Bar yet?  Head for Ramen Bar in Robinsons Magnolia in Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City, and try one of their best sellers, the Super Chasyu Ramen big bowl.  It is loaded with chasyu (thinly sliced pork) and tamago (soft boiled egg marinated for 48 hours).  The broth is soy-infused pork bone soup (claimed to have been boiled for 20 hours).  The taste, heavenly!

To tell you the truth, I am not actually a fan of noodles.  But when I tasted this bowl of super delicious Japanese noodles, I became "slightly" obsessed.   LOL!  For 380 pesos (about 9 USD), your gastronomic desires are satisfied to the fullest.  The other best seller is the Ramen Bar Special (R.B.S.) #1.  It has a little bit of everything - chasyu, tamago, naruto (thinly sliced flamboyant fish cakes), nori (seaweed), kakuni (braised pork belly), and negi (spring onions).  The price of this other well-loved big bowl is 380 pesos.  (Don't fret.  There are also other big bowls that are cheaper than these two best sellers.)

This is not a paid advertisement (oh, how I wish!).  Ramen Bar also has a branch in Eastwood, Libis, also in Quezon City.  They are open during mall hours.  Contrary to popular belief, ramen is not only a good food during cold weather.  Good food is good food.  It is good to eat all year round.  Try it now, and  let me know how your experience with Ramen Bar went.

My favorite ramen - Super Chasyu of Ramen Bar.
One of Ramen Bar's best-sellers, the R.B.S. #1 (Ramen Bar Special).
Kakuni, chasyu, tamago, naruto, nori, and negi in soy-infused pork bone soup.   Delicious.

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