Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lose Weight the Natural Way

"If I can do it, so can you", seems to be the mantra of my sister, Roe Keleher, nowadays.   Well, that's at least what her "before and after" picture shows.  It's something she can be definitely proud of.   She has gained tons of friends and admirers who were inspired by her discipline and commitment.  (Obsession works!  Just kidding!)  The secret to the transformation?  It's plain and simple.  Exercise!  Ready?  5, 6, 7, 8 …

The "before" picture was taken when she was in Australia for a vacation last year with her "now"-husband, Jeoff.  I remember her stories filled with gigantic prawns for lunch, freshly caught fish for dinner, crocodile jerkies for snacks (LOL!), and a cornucopia of gastronomic delights in what seemed to be an endless list of restaurant buffets that the couple indulged in for four long months.   It's a no brainer that when she returned to the Philippines for her wedding, her weight almost doubled and reached 150 pounds!  That's near obesity for a female who's 5'1" tall.

The "now" picture was taken recently.  This is after spending four moths (so far) in the gym, three days in a week.  She has been doing Zumba, hip-hop aerobics, and some free weights for muscle toning.  She is also counting her calorie intake.  Her diet consisted of fish, fruits, and vegetables.  She eat very little red meat and definitely no junk food.  I imagine that all these things are very hard to do.

Setting up a goal however, and doing everything you can to meet that goal surely pays off.  Fitting into gorgeous clothes  and looking great in them is just one side benefit of a healthy lifestyle.  Having a healthy body is the ultimate reward!  Would you believe she's 42 years old?

Lose weight the natural way.  Exercise!  (Okay.  I'll do this... fingers crossed!)


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