Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birds of the Same "Meat" Flock Together

Blood... bones... muscles... fat.  What's for dinner?  I am not an "aswang" (i.e., the ominous, supernatural, and probably the most feared human-eating demon beast in Filipino folklore) but a regular human being shopping for protein-rich ingredients for my stroganoff when I saw these quirky "works of art" in Rustan's Supermarket's raw meat section.  It was kind of delightfully unsettling!

Who would have thought that bones and meat would look pretty when decorated with apples?  Aussie lamb shanks were transformed into a flock of geese, and lamb racks into what seemed to be as water platform for apple ducks.  We normally see these food decorations in plating of dishes.  But to see them in raw meat is quite unusual.  Well, it definitely made the display interesting and eye catching.  I was told by the attendant that the decorations are made by their chef.  I didn't know that the raw meat section has a chef.  She must be referring to the chef of the nearby gourmet restaurant that is also owned by the supermarket owners.

Buying groceries is one activity I am not so much fond of especially when I have to travel a few miles to reach the supermarket.  But seeing these kooky displays makes the trip worthwhile…

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