Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh No, Not Again! FREAKIN' Southwest Monsoon!

08 August 2012 - Flood from this Fuc%#@$, Freakin' Southwest Monsoon
27 September 2009 -  Flood from Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy
I thought I was spared.  It really is a humdinger of a southwest monsoon.  Just like probably the thousands of families in evacuation sites right now, I owe this freakin' monsoon a blasphemous rant.  It's sad however, that I can't do it here.  :-(  Just about when the weather is improving (a little bit, as it is still raining as of this writing), there's a knee-deep flood along the stretch of the avenue where my place is located.  I can't go anywhere!

I'm like a broken record - this is just a bad deja vu.  It's like Ketsana all over gain.  I've got the pictures above and videos below to prove it.  Take a close look.  They look very similar, right?

08 August 2012 - Knee-deep Flood along Sandoval Avenue caused by this Freakin' Southwest Monsoon

27 September 2009 - Flood caused by Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy

I went down to the gates of our condo complex.  It's flooded.  I saw people carefully treading in the knee-deep dirty flood waters.  There were no vehicles passing as it would be quite difficult to go through a long stretch of flood water.  The avenue is about 2 kilometers long and mind you, it's the upper part of our district.  Floods are deeper of course in the nearby low-lying areas.

I woke up early.  I have a hard time sleeping with all those sound "seeping" through my bedroom window.  I was surprised when I saw this weird fog rolled in.  I normally see fog and smog in the months of December and January.  I guess this is caused by this freakin' southwest monsoon.  Check out the pic and video below.

08 August 2012 - weird fog early in the morning

The news programs on TV have reported that the waters in some of the flooded areas in Metro Manila are receding.  That's good!  Our place however, is a different story.   Here's the pictures and short clips I captured of the flood in our area.

08 August 2012 - shallower part of the flood
08 August 2012 - Palmdale Heights Condominium in Pasig City
08 August 2012 - Sandoval Avenue in front of Palmdale Heights in Pasig City

08 August 2012 - Palmdale Heights Condo, Pasig City

08 August 2012 - Part of the Parking Lot Submerged in Water
My parking space submerged in water.


  1. Could you give us a current update regarding Sandoval Avenue? Many people inside Greenwoods Executive Village are wondering about the flood level on Sandoval and Mercedes Avenue.

    Also, how far is your place from Basic Taxi company?

    1. I am at Palmdale Heights Condominium. It's about a kilometer away from Basic Taxi's. Water in front of our place hasn't receded. I am afraid I could not give you any update on the whole stretch of Sandova Ave.. I tweeted MMDA to get an update of Sandoval Ave's current condition. I was however, referred to Pasig Traffic's 643-0000 / 724-5813. You may want to call the hotline for more info on Greenwoods' Sandoval Ave. gate and on Mercedes Ave's… Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi. May i know how's the place during typhoon mario? We're planning to buy a unit.

    1. Hi. The place is all right. There were no flooding within the vicinity of Palmdale. I stayed at home during the typhoon so I would't know about the nearby areas. But for the immediate vicinity, there's no flood.