Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How To Survive a Flood by jemdahunk

Here goes jemdahunk again.  With his funny antics, he came up with this new how-to video - the "How to Survive a Flood".  In these dreadful situations, we Filipinos are famous for "resiliency" and "bayanihan" (i.e., community-wide cooperative endeavor).  Filipinos have survived tragedies and misfortunes, be they caused by natural calamities, effects of economic upheavals of superpower nations, or by land-claiming bully countries.  The secret is Filipino's innate talent in spinning any situation into source of laughter and fun.  Hey, laughter after all is the best medicine, right?

According to jemdahunk, here is how you can survive a flood (please note, do not take this parody seriously):
1.  keep valuable things dry
2.  take everything that is essential
3.  wear water-proof clothes
4.  learn how to swim

Let's enjoy this video for a few minutes before we go on and continue dealing with this distressing FREAK southwest monsoon.

Seriously, it is important that we help out the victims of the floods.  Checkout these organizations.  You might to extend a helping hand…

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