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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MMDA Traffic Enforcer Clobbered by Civilian

Robert "Blair" Carabuena furiously pointing a finger and cursing at traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros. 
Tobacco firm executive Robert "Blair" Carabuena hits traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros in the head.
What goes around, comes around.  If you did something nice, who knows, the Universe may return such kindness a thousandfold and in the perfect time - that is, help arrives at the time you need it the most.  Conversely, if you did something really oppressive, cruel, brutal, short of literally killing a person by stripping him of his dignity, what should one expect?  Let me guess.  Probably a meteorite will fall from the sky and hit that "son of a pig" (I can't say bitch, can I... oops!) who has made such a grievous atrocity against a fellow human being!

Robert "Blair" Carabuena was caught on camera bullying a Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic officer, Saturnino Fabros, in Quezon City.   What I understand from the report of the local news program that captured the video (talk about being in the right place at the right time), Carabuena went ballistic for being flagged down by the traffic officer when Carabuena failed to halt on the traffic officer's stop signal.  Carabuena went down from  his vehicle, confronted, and "reportedly" assaulted the traffic officer.

Here, watch the video for yourself:

Now, that you have watched the video.  What's your reaction?  For me, it's UTTER DISGUST.  How could a top executive of a Tobacco firm do such a thing?

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is your perfect example of the clear disparity between the rich and the poor in Philippine society.  Carabuena afforded a body guard.  (2 against 1 - not your fair odds, is it?)  And would you believe that according to the same local news program who was able to contact Carabuena for his side of the story reported that Carabuena will counter-file a case against the traffic officer?  It looks so simple isn't it?  It's because he is moneyed.  It would seem that you can buy your way out of a public barbaric outburst and assault (videotaped nonetheless).

I have to be honest.  At times I am dubious whether such injustice will meet the scale and sword of the blindfolded lady, especially if the oppressed is a commoner.    I am firm however, in the belief that sooner or later the Universe will have its way in dealing with the likes of Mr. Carabuena.  You know what they say in the "coming around" part - it's multiplied by the power of three.  That means, it would be worse a thousand times over.

Do you agree?  Let me know your comments.


  1. Carabuena will get his karma soon. He took away the poor man's dignity.

    1. Yes, and we would not want to be near him when that happens. Remember the meteorite? A-ha-ha.

  2. ang kapal ng muka

    1. sa tingin ko, hindi lang mukha nag makapal sa kanya... hehehe.

  3. Carabuena is an example of boastful,arrogant,& disrespectful pig hope MMDA will gonna make an action seriously with it he must be punish.....

    1. Traffic enforcer Fabros already filed a case against Carabuena. MMDA (as well as the people) are behind Mr. Fabros.



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