Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look (A Rainbow) by Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga will take you for a magic-carpet ride.  The song "Look (A Rainbow)" is not from the Disney movie "Aladdin" but, hearing Lea Salonga sing this delightful song provides you a "magical" experience nonetheless.  I have to warn you, though.  Prepare for a sudden and plethoric release of emotions!

The star of the new American musical, Allegiance, before gracing us with her impeccable performance (no doubt) on the musical's World Premiere in September, treats us with a single from the "Scott Alan Live" (http://www.scottalan.com) album.

When I stumbled upon the fan-made YouTube video of this song, I couldn't believe that it was Lea Salonga singing.  Lea keeps getting better... and better!  I am really puzzled at how "perfect" could be "more" perfect.  The  verses were sung with a super rich and velvety tone.  I always believed that the mark of a great singer is not with how well she (or he) hits the high notes.  It's the low notes that bust the chops.  Hitting the low notes without sounding like your little sister trying to scare you with a fiendish moan, I imagine, would be difficult.  Lea Salonga is one of those gifted singers who deliver the low notes with melodious intensity!   It's heaven with her high notes but let me tell you, it's pure bliss with her low notes.

The verses, like in the magic-carpet ride, slowly glide us through the emotions while at the same time building momentum.  When she sang the chorus, the "princess" voice emerged, and rapture ensued.  Faultless as always.  Your heart would skip a bit.  Ahhh, that's it!  That's my one accurate indicator for a great song rendition.  Whenever I hear a singer delivers a song where I hold my breath anticipating for something, which I really cannot pin point, that's when I realized that I just heard a master at work.  Like a surge of endorphin in the cerebral cortex, I would keep wanting for more!

So, without much further ado, let's take that magic-carpet ride and reach that rainbow.  Here's Lea Salonga with Look (A Rainbow):

Postcript:  the song is about finding solace from your parent, friend, or lover; and hope for a much better world that's more understanding, tolerant, and genuinely loving.  I admire the composer of the song, Scott Alan,  for coming up with a message of inspiration, reality, and happiness!  Hey, what do you know?  We have the same aspirations. 

Also, I wish to commend the uploader of the YouTube video, romypen,  for his montage.  The collection of images are excellent!  Thank you.

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  1. good song. lea's voice is perfect :)