Thursday, August 2, 2012

Original Artisan Jewelry - Conferment from the Winged Goddess of Victory

Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.  It is said that "Nike flew around battlefields rewarding the victors with glory and fame"Swoosh!, probably in lightning speed.  (Chuckles.)  Anyway, I was inspired by the Olympics and decided to create this necklace - an original artisan jewelry.

I design and execute artisan jewelry as a hobby (and whenever time permits).  If you haven't seen any of my work, I invite you to view my designs in some of my blog posts below:

I also have a mini tutorial on how to make for yourself a simple artisan jewelry bracelet.  Here is the link to that do-it-yourself (DIY) blog post:

Now, back to the featured artisan jewelry.  I call this necklace "Conferment from the Winged Goddess of Victory".  The Olympics give out medals to the victorious athletes.  The winged goddess of victory on the other hand has probably bestowed wreaths to the champion warriors.  So, I derive inspiration from these symbols of victory.  I created this jewelry to celebrate and pay homage to the 2012 Olympics.

The necklace is composed of large Schorl (i.e., Black Tourmaline) beads and Garnet chips.  The Schorl beads are square medallions.  The strands of garnet chips are bundled together - similar to intertwined branches of a wreath.   I've added some multifaceted Austrian crystals in the Garnet chips strands to add some subdued sparkle.   I also used them as spacers.  All these components are combined together to form this "red carpet" piece of jewelry.   I also kind of envisioned this jewelry worn by girls in simple casual ensemble, even in white-shirt-blue-jeans kind of outfit.

Here is a short presentation of the Conferment of the Winged Goddess of Victory.  (Let me know your comments, okay?  Many thanks.)

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