Monday, July 9, 2012

The Union of Sau and Venus

Sau, in Chinese traditions, is the God of Longevity.  He  is one of the well-known three (3) Star Gods namely Fuk-Luk-Sau.  Venus, on the other hand, in Roman mythology, is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, counterpart of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.  She is one of the 12 Olympians.  I thought of naming this original artisan jewelry piece "The Union of Sau and Venus" because their symbolisms are represented in this necklace.

I design and execute artisan jewelry in my spare time (well mostly when I am bored, or inspired).  From time to time, I showcase my work in this blog.  I have already made two (2) posts about this - one is the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) how to make your own (simple) artisan jewelry bracelet, and the other is about the "Gift of Thetis", an originally designed artisan jewelry necklace.  Here now is my second featured handcrafted necklace.

The necklace is with a twist, or with a switch rather.  The big disc pendant is actually from a pair of earrings.  I thought that it's too big for an earring and they aren't actually "in" nowadays.  So, I thought that it would be a great pendant.  It is made from a very thin brass sheet enameled in an intense "Chinese" red.  The detailing of the enamel is quite impressive, and makes a perfect pendant.

I used red-dyed bamboo coral chips and Philippine fresh water cultured pearls.  Unlike the Gift of Thetis, there is no meaning behind the use of these gemstones for this piece.  Aside from an abundance of supply, the red coral chips and pearls just perfectly blends with the pendant.  I also used red glass rice beads as spacers, the purpose of which is to accentuate the gemstones.  The irregular shape of the coral chips matches the finite regular shape of the pearls.  Harmony is achieved from two rather contrasting elements just like East meets West, or Orient traditions mingled with Western beliefs.  Now that's an obvious union of Sau and Venus.

The combination is also fully represented in the pendant.  The large symbol at the center is a representation of LONG LIFE - a symbol of LONGEVITY.  Sau's symbol.  The two flowers on each side of the longevity symbol are PEONIES.  Peonies are regarded as the King of Flowers.  They are associated with Love and Beauty much like Venus.  The combination of the symbolisms therefore, result to an affirmation or aspiration for a "long and happy life filled with love and beauty".  Who wouldn't aspire for that?

I have always thought that jewelry is quite a personal item.  Jewelry should speak of your style and probably your sentiments.  Some buy or keep pieces of jewelry for investment.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Aside from its aesthetic value however, meaning and sentimental value should outweigh monetary value.  This piece does not cost much but a lot of my sister's friends wanted it because of the meaning behind the piece.  Of course, that's aside from the simplicity and beauty of the piece.  He-he-he.  Do you agree?...

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