Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top 18 Male Athlete Hotties of Team Great Britain for the 2012 London Olympics

boyish... looks so innocent yet a bit mischievous... luv it!

smoldering... so hot!.. here's my number, call me maybe?

would you like a bite?  Oh, my!

OMG!  Uhmm.  Again, OMG!

you'll just melt with that smile?... that should be a super power...

My friends and I like to kill time by "people watching".  We usually go to a "resto" in a mall and position ourselves in a vantage spot for passersby.  We were always on a look-out for "hotties".  Yes… I know… it's so juvenile.  But we honestly bond during these feeble pastime.  Today, instead of going out, we stayed in a friend's house and there's nothing to do but surf the internet.  Since we are entering July, the Olympics fever is beginning to take hold.  So, we decided to check out team Great Britain (GB) and rate the hotties.

We always thought that the sexiest athletes would come from the swimming team but because their pictures in their profiles are head shots, we decided to browse the whole team GB and determine our top good-looking athletes.  The five athletes above are our Top 5 (from our Top 1 to Top 5).  Below is the rest of our Top 18 (from our Top 6 to Top 18).  Great Britain hasn't completed its roster of Olympians like they haven't got the basketball or football team members selected.  So, our top picks are as of today, June 30.  It may change as soon as the whole team GB is completed.

Without further ado, here are the gorgeous athletes from team GB:

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  the pictures / profiles / screen shots were taken from the Great Britain Olympic Team's official web site.  It's at  Go to the site to learn more about GB's athletes and the fast approaching Olympics in London which will open on July 27, 2012.)

I bet he's got a great upper body... rower or male model?

marry me now... please?... pretty please!

don't want to sin... i'm like a cradle snatcher with this one... but who cares?  I want one.

coochie, coochie, coo... so cuddly!

please marry me, ok?... but I'll keep my last name... sorry, hon!

geekiness and cuteness in just the right combo... luv it!

shy?... naah... he looks a bit naughty... I like, like, like.

strike a pose, hon... seriously, great jaws!  male model much?

gorgeous daddy...  I'll be your baby...

woooh... love to kiss those lips...

crazy good boyish looks...

what's with that dimple?... so cute.

snobbish looks?... naah... just a cute British lad. he-he-he.


  1. yes oh yea, they are really good looking guys, can I just have them all??ha ha,just kidding.
    Ashley | Olympics 2012 London

    1. Okay, Ashley let's share. 9 for you and 9 for me. Ha-ha-ha. Thanks for dropping by.