Friday, June 29, 2012

Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye) by Joe McElderry

The year was 1999.  The song was Con Te Partiro.  The hotel was the Bellagio.  It was not a tryst but a distant memory of an otherworldly time I was introduced to Andrea Bocelli's sad, haunting, and soulful song - Con Te Partiro.

The phrase "Con Te Partiro" is Italian.  It's English translation is "Time To Say Goodbye".  The Bellagio's piped-in music 24-7 is Con Te Partiro.  The music video on the hotel TV is, you guessed it right, Con Te Partiro.  I didn't know the song nor the singer.  I remembered calling the front desk just to ask for  the title and singer of the song.  So, when I went home from Las Vegas, the first thing I did was look for the Romanza album of Andrea Bocelli, and I got one.

That was a million years ago.  Now, I never thought that the song can be sung by any other singer.  It would seem to be a career suicide to be compared with Bocelli.  Joe McElderry's new version however, is a refreshing take on the beautiful song.

Who is Joe McElderry?  McElderry, now 21 years old, is the 2009 grand winner of the British talent show, The X Factor.   If you are a fan of The X Factor, I am sure you have already came across with McElderry.  He became famous with his rendition of Luther Vandross's Dance WIth My Father.  He auditioned with that song and made a studio cover in 2011.  For me, McElderry's voice borders on "androgynous" (if it's at all possible to use that word to describe a voice that could sound either male or female), but definitely pleasant to the ears.  When I first heard him sing with his natural vibrato, I knew that he is a gifted singer and that his voice can very well showcase show tunes and classical pieces.

I recently stumbled upon Joe Mc Elderry's music video of the song Con Te Partiro.  I was glad I did.  He sounded fantastic.  It was part of his 2011 album "Classics".  In that album, he obviously crossed over from pop to opera, and successful at that.  I love the song and I love Bocelli''s rendition.  Now, I have a new favorite.  If you haven't heard of the song yet, here it is.  Please do watch the video.  I highly recommend this beautiful song.  It has a great message, too.  "Leave your old baggages behind.  It's time to say goodbye and move on!"


  1. Great post! Personally, I'm really impressed! I love the way you write your blog!

    1. Thank you so much, Jullianna B. I appreciate your comment! It inspires me to become a better blogger. Fingers crossed...