Friday, June 15, 2012

Dreams Do Come True!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  In other words, be bold and take chances!  The first step however, is always the hardest.  We can only truly grasp the essence of life and the gifts life has to offer us once we make that first move.  Let's move on, shall we? (pun intended...)


Ever since that "magical" moment when I smelled JOY by Jean Patou for the very first time, I dreamed of making my own perfume line, sell them, be famous, and become seriously rich!  Bwahahaha.  That "pasalubong" (Tagalog for "gift") of my dad for my mom from Saudi Arabia in the mid 80's is from 26 years ago.  And now my dream is on the verge of becoming a reality...


I thought that making perfume would be hard.  It wasn't.  But you have to be prepared for a long and grueling adventure.  It was fun though.  I did a ton of research about essential oils, fragrance notes, blending techniques, solubility issues, packaging, and labeling.  I hunted down local suppliers of raw materials.  I attended a training seminar to gather more information.  I experimented and did product trials.  There were dozens of failed mixtures.  Those were money, time, and effort straight down the drain.  But those failed mixtures did not really matter compared to the valuable lessons I learned.  After 14 long months, VOILA!, I finally have a prototype.  I call it CHOSEN men.

CHOSEN men Eau de Toilette is a unique blend that's light and casual, perfect for everyday wear.  It has a woodsy-citrusy aroma.  Top note is Lemongrass.  The heart note is Jasmine.  The base note is a combination of Patchouli and Cedarwood.  The scent is quite tenacious,  It does linger on for a very long time.   Everytime I look at the finished product, I dreamed of a commercial plug on TV or a spread on a fashion magazine with the tag line:  "GET CHOSEN.  It's the Obvious Choice."  I could't help but chuckle for a bit.

To come up with a commercially viable product, the "first step", the initial process would definitely be long, but it would be completely "worth" each drop of sweat.


Now, I just have to sell them.  Hmmmm… another long and arduous process.  However, because it became a passion as well as a worthwhile hobby, arduous automatically became a diversion and merrymaking.  How many more years would it take before I become seriously rich?  Oh, well… it will definitely come.  Hard work pays off!  I'll hold on!  After all, dreams do come true!

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