Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Great Gifts for Father's Day

Life isn't always perfect.  It's probably one of the "flaws" (or the key component, depending on how you look at it) in the grand design of the cosmos?… the "Yin" and "Yangs" of life.   For instance, you may have been gifted with a great mother but cursed with a terrible father.  Oh, there's nothing much you can do about this situation since you cannot choose your parents.

On the other hand, at certain auspicious junctures, great parents were given.   Cool moms and dads however, are rare nowadays and they are in the list of "critically endangered species".  Therefore, we should do everything in our power to save them!  We can save them by propagating their way of parenting.  They did a terrific job raising us and we can be great parents, too.  That's probably one of the best gifts we can give our parents.

Father's day is fast approaching.  On June 17, 2012, we celebrate our dad's day.  Aside from the "best gift" I mentioned, have you thought of another awesome gift for your dearest dad?  Don't fret.  You can choose from my 5 gift ideas for your dad.

1.  overnight stay for 2 in a hotel room with complete amenities for your mom and dad.  Let them relax, recharge their batteries, and shed their worries even for just a day;

2.  pampering services - body scrub, ear candling, and massage with Ventusa.  Let dad (and let dad tag along mom) boost his immune system through stimulation of the lymphatic system by deep-tissue massage and other time-tested traditional methods.  It would be enjoyable and healthy!

3.  how about a tablet pc? no, not the one you swallow but the one where you can touch, tap, type, swipe, and click.  Even if dad is not tech-savvy, a mobile music and  movie player, an internet browser,  as well as a gaming device is super fun for anyone of any age.

4.  a wristwatch is always a safe gift for men.  Apart from apparels considered as accessories (such as belts, neckties, tie tacks, cuff links, and socks), a wristwatch is the one most popular accessory worn by men.  When he wears that watch and checks the time, he'll think of you.  Swell!

5.  money.  No, I do not think giving money is "impersonal".  I think it's completely pragmatic.  Let dad buy something he wants for himself.  Sometimes dad won't tell you what he wants for himself.  Dad almost always will tell you what he wants for you and for his family.  Dads are hardwired this way, I guess.  So, give dad that extra cash he can dispose of for himself.

If none of my suggestions is what you are looking then how about trying out these awesome web sites that talk about what you can give to your dad this father's day.  Yup, a whole site dedicated for Fathers.  It has a ton of suggestions. You better visit them.  I found them while surfing.  I think they are great sites to check out.  (I want to tell you that this is not a paid advertisement so you won't get the wrong ideas.  I personally checked the sites out, and they are great.)  Here are the links:

In any case, some dads prefer a simple greeting.  So here's my greeting to you dad:

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