Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did America Get it Right in AI 11?

A resounding thud!
REALITY check...  reality BITES!  I knew it.  I was right.  At this point, I wish I wasn't.  I have to say it anyway...  I thought America is color blind, but it looks like that there's still some way to go...

Jessica Sanchez deserved to win.  Her performance of the The Prayer and Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing are far, far, far more superior in technique, vocal quality, and presentation than her competitor in the grand finals  showdown yesterday.

The amazing performance of Jessica Sanchez today with Jennifer Holiday and that iconic song, And I am Telling You, would go down in American Idol history as one of the best ever performed on AI stage.  Jessica Sanchez will be a big star for sure.  Her voice will transcend time.  Her name will overshadow her AI peers.  Did I say I was an oracle?  Well, I'm not but my predictions were spot-on.   Who would not recognize such immense talents?  Everyone would.  But would you sense what's to come?  To prove my point, why not read my earlier post when Jessica Sanchez made it to Top 2.  Here's the link to that post:  click here.

A better challenge.
Let me just say this.  White male pitted against an Asian-Latina.  Who do you think will win in America? Let's be honest.  It's majority against minority.  It does not take a genius to determine the outcome.  There's no argument about how a gay African-American got booted out despite superior vocals.  Do I need to remind you that Jessica Sanchez got earlier voted out and was just saved by the judges?  I knew from the start that her climb would be difficult with all those hurdles.  What hurdles?  I usually watch videos on youtube.  I actually do this to check out what the public is saying about the contestants.  I find that the opinions there were more honest (since they are hardly censored) and gives you a rather accurate indication of the public's temperature on each of the contestant's performance.  Oh, yeah, it's sort of my crystal ball.

One comment there about Jessica Sanchez that I would not ever forget.  It was the most racist comment ever.  The commenter said that she won't win because she's got a name that looks like she hasn't got a visa, and she looks like she gives manicure and pedicure.  THIS ISN'T RIGHT.  Although this is just one person (and believe me, there are others) making hideous comments, it provides you a peek of what might come.

IMHO, American Idol 11 would have been more interesting with a finale between Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet.  Minority against minority.  Now, that's an equal challenge.

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