Friday, May 18, 2012

Muggles versus Pure-bloods. 5 Successful Half-Filipinos and Full-blooded Pinoys.

Into the final stretch.

Just got the news, sizzling hot from the pan.  Congratulations Jessica Sanchez!  Jessica Sanchez made it to the finale pitted against Philip Philips in the Season 11 of American Idol.  This is the first time that a contestant of Filipino descent made it to the Top 2.  Hawaii's Jasmine Trias from 8 years ago is the first to reach Top 3.  I thought it would be a battle between Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez since they are vocally on a par with each other.  I have strong  faith that the American public would judge and vote past "skin color".   Let the best singer win!

Jessica Sanchez is half-Filipino and half-Mexican.  Her mother is a Filipino and her US Navy father is Mexican.  Jessica Sanchez is a "muggle" - half-breed (no offense meant).

Half-Filipino and Half-Something-Else.

Did you know that the Philippines has been occupied by Spain from 1521 up to the 1890's?  That's more than 300 years of Spanish regime.  At those times, interracial marriages were probably uncommon but "mestizos" and "mestizas" abound.

Mestizos (male) and mestizas (female) are half-Filipinos and half-something-else.  They are normally characterized as having fair skin.  You see, FIlipinos belonging to the Malayan race have brown skin.  Thus, mestizos and mestizas are naturally popular.  Most Filipinos up to the present time think that they are special for having foreign blood in them.  If you are just like me, I consider this cuckoo!

Colonial Mentality, Papaya, and Glutathione.

Is this part of colonial mentality?… that anything made abroad must be good including half-breeds?  A lot of Filipinos think so.  Proof of which is the popularity and domination of fair-skinned actors and actresses in the showbiz industry in the Philippines.  Brown-skinned artists with a few exception aren't so popular.  As a result, pure-bloodied Filipinos painstakingly do what it takes to have whiter skin.

Soaps, facial creams, and body lotions with Papaya extracts which are advertised as having enzymes that lighten the skin flooded the market.   Glutathione IV (intravenous) injectables are now very popular.  You will see hordes of supplements claiming skin whitening in a matter of days.  The funny thing is Filipinos kept on buying these products.  I cannot actually pinpoint the cause of this phenomenon.  It seems to me, more and more cases are observed openly that dark-skinned people wants to be lighter while fair-skinned people (caucasians) wants to be tanner.

Muggles Versus Full-blooded.

Here's a bit of controversy.  Is there any link between the color of one's skin to the level of success  one can attain?  Some would think yes (or no).

To help us decide, here's a list of successful "muggles" - half-Filipino and half-something-else, and full-blooded Filipinos.  Let's check:

5 Successful Half-Filipinos & Half-Something-Else.
1.  Bruno Mars - successful grammy-award winning singer and songwriter.   His mom's a Filipino,  and father's African-American (I think).
2.  Darren Criss - Glee star.  His mom's a Filipino, and father's Scottish.
3.  Nicole Scherzinger - vocalist of Pussycat Dolls.  Half-Filipino (on the mother's side), half-German.
4.  Batista - wresting superstar.  Half-Filipino (on the mother's side), half-Greek.
5.  Lou Diamond Philips - Hollywood star.  His mom is a Filipino.  I am not sure of his father (i.e., something else…).

5 Successful Pure-blood Filipinos.
1.  Lea Salonga - Tony and Olivier-award winning actress.  Disney Legend.  Singing voice of Alladin's Princess Jasmine and Mulan.  International recording and concert artist.  Boradway superstar.
2.  Gloria Diaz - 1969 Miss Universe.
3.  Nora Aunor - one of Asia's most-admired actresses.  Multi-awarded movie actress.
4.  Charice Pempengco - Youtube singing sensation.  International recording artist.
5.  Manny Pacquiao - Mega-boxer.  Holder of 8-Division World Boxing Titles.  One of the world's most influential and powerful athletes.

I know these are very short lists.  But analyzing the lists, it's a TIE, don't you think?  Conclusion:  color of the skin does not matter… (that much?).  Changing one's skin color is more of a personal choice.

With this, I hope that Jessica Sanchez win!  TALENT rather than skin color should prevail... fingers crossed!


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