Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Mother's Day Postcard No. 3

I created this postcard as a gift for you this Mother's Day.  You can print, email, twit or facebook this postcard to your mom.  The quote is taken from the "5 More Things You Might Not Know About Your Mom" post.  Enjoy!

5 More Things You Might Not Know About Your Mom #3:
- "your mom is a mathematician.  She can actually do differential equations but prefers to practice her simple arithmetic.  She postulates that:

     daughter - current boyfriend = good
     daughter + college degree = better
     daughter + husband approved by mom = the BEST!"


  1. Very beautiful Mother's day postcard and its printing style is very best and very nice looking! The flower style of the card is very great and very interesting for all and i like it so very much and i impressed with it.

    1. Thank you brochure printing. I should not take all of the credit since the format is just one of the templates of Mac's "Pages" application. I did however, put the original text message and the clip art. Thanks again. You might be interested with the ON MY OWN e-card featuring the lyrics of the song ON MY OWN from Les Miserables. Here's the link: Or just check it in the archive below.

      Thanks again for dropping by. I hope you would consider following my blog through Google Friend Connect.