Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do The Things You Love!...

Blast From The Past.

I was looking for some stuff in the document drawers when I stumbled on to a watercolor painting I drew more than 10 years ago.  The painting was amateurish, odd-looking, and devoid of any recognizable artistic techniques. I LOVE IT!

At a glance, the painting of a rather unusual set of four-petaled gumamelas (hibiscus) sent me to a happy and wonderful place.  I vividly remembered the drawing on the Japanese thermos I had back in the 70's.  I have always admired abstract impressionist drawings.  That thermos is actually the inspiration for this painting.  I remembered my mom filling up my thermos with hot chocolate while preparing my baon (pack lunch) for school.  Then, I thought of the crisp morning air and small swarms of dragonflies, a very familiar atmosphere during our early morning walks to school.  Oh, it's a very delightful memory.    

Art for me is something that “moves” you. The painting immediately transported me back to that time, a time when I would just go on ahead and do the things I love doing no matter what.  It has stirred in me a desire and longing.  It “moved” me.

Follow Your Heart!

I headed for the arts store and bought some watercolor supplies.  I started again painting and immensely enjoyed myself.  Yes, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have any training nor talent for that matter.  I just did it.  After several attempts, this is the best so far.  It is a Chinese watercolor rendition of one of my favorite flowers, the “lotus”.

The lotus just happened to be an appropriate first time painting after several years of hiatus.  The lotus represents “purity”.  It thus, represents the pure desire and intention in my heart to express myself through watercolor painting.

Is there anything you wanted to try out but for some reason you have always put aside?  Is there a desire in you to express that feeling in your heart?  Did you always wanted to do gardening, go fishing, go mountain hiking, design your own clothes, build your own furniture, mould and shape pottery, or create your own multi-function domestic-help robot?

I say do the things you love.  Just do it!

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