Monday, March 19, 2012

Bam! You Got Hit By A Train! Wake Up!

Does it have to be a gargantuan boulder to hit you in the head for you to change your ways?  Or maybe a “near death” encounter with a speeding train will bring you back to your senses since a slap on the face obviously has no effect whatsoever.

Sir Isaac Newton explained in his first Law of Motion that “an object tends to remain at rest or to continue in uniform motion unless an outside force acts on it to change its state”.  This is the Law of Inertia and it’s applicable to all objects in the physical sense and to humans in the “philosophical” sense.

The Universe has been gently nudging us, little by little, all the time.  But we don’t listen.  Then BAM! in an instant, our world collapses… and then we change!  It starts with a few pieces of candy after dinner.  Then some bars of chocolate in between meals.  An ice cream here and a sundae cone there.  The “motion” kept going.  Until BAM!, we get diabetes.  Then we immediately change by eating healthy foods and avoiding dairy.  We have ignored that feeling our gut has been guiltfully and constantly conveying.  Looking back, it’s ridiculous not to see it.  We shamefully admit that it’s common sense.  An unbalanced diet coupled by overindulgence in sweets over a long period of time lead to expensive trips to the hospital.

Why couldn’t we just change our ways with the first gentle nudge?  You say, “well, it’s the Law of Inertia at play”.  Once the ball is rolling, there’s no stopping it.  Wrong!  What’s special with humans is the gift of "will".  You can will yourself not to succumb to guilty pleasures.  You can motivate yourself and exercise instead of giving in to an eating binge.  At the instance of temptation, don’t say “oh, I could quit eating double-cheese-one-pound burgers tomorrow”.  Before you know it, you are 100 pounds heavier.

Will and self-motivation are the forces that can change your predicament.  You don’t even have to look for any “outside” force to change your situation.  Remember, you have within you all you need to succeed in life.  Check the state you are currently in and say, “hey, I can change this, now!”.

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