Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Pinoy Shutterbug

My very first shot of the moon.  I used a Vivitar telephoto lens with a Canon entry-level camera.  I was lucky, don't you think?  The craters are noticeable in this picture.  No post-processing was done with this picture.
I love taking pictures.  I call myself, "The Pinoy Shutterbug".  For me, it's like capturing emotions.  Even an inanimate object when photographed on a certain lighting condition can evoke a certain kind of emotion in us.  I remember our very first camera.  It was an "instamatic" Kodak camera.  It was one of the few things my Dad bought in Japan in the 70's.  At that time, we have to load films (which are then available in rolls of 12's, 24's, and 36's) and use disposable flash bulbs (that cubic bulb that rotate each time it flashes).   Because  the film and flash bulbs are very pricey, we were only able to capture "Kodak moments" on special occasions.

Now, with powerful optics built in smartphones, we could take pictures any time we want.   I guess it's a good thing because we can readily capture precious moments and turn them into priceless memorabilia.

Whenever possible I would bring my Canon sniper with me, and shoot as many pictures I could.  Although it's bulky and I look like a tourist with that shooter hanging around my neck (which I don't mind really), there's no greater pleasure in spending some time capturing regular objects and scenes in irregular angles.  I am still honing my skills so please spare my amateurish pictures some mercy.  I just want to share with you some pictures I think were taken rather surprisingly pleasing.  Yes, I was quite surprised at how they turned out.  Let's see them, shall we?

I do not know this flower.  Looks like a four-petaled flower, don't you think?  I was walking along High Street in Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City when I saw this purplish flower.  Luckily, I had my Samsung NX2000 with me and took a shot of this orchid.  Yeah, I think it's an orchid.  It's hanging from a trellis.
These are lighting fixtures from Starbucks in BGC.  It's made of metal but designed to look like silk shades.  I really love them so I took a picture.  It tuned out really nice. 
I love this picture.  I was eating at a Filipino cuisine restaurant in Megamall and thought of trying out my 50mm primary lens.  The blurred background was good.  This picture wants me to drink that ice-cold tea.   I'm craving now...
This is one of my favourite scents from Bvlgari.  My officemate once said that I smelled like ginger mixed with some citrus.  Hmmmm.

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  1. That is great - I cant wait to try myself on the next full moon. Assuming no rain in sunny South Florida in the rainy season.