Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Power of Three

I call this picture "The Power of Three".  This three-piece set is one of the many chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of the newly opened Chinese restaurant, Lugang Cafe, in Megamall's new Fashion Hall.

I was at Megamall recently and decided to eat dinner at this restaurant with my best buddy.  We frequent the Lugang Cafe branch in Glorietta, Makati.  So, we pretty much know the food they are serving.  What we do not know is how the new place turned out.  You see, the interior design of Lugang Cafe branches are different from one another.  What really catches my eye is their gorgeous and unique chandeliers.  Each branch has a different set of lighting fixtures hanging from their ceiling.  This one is made of glass.  I am not sure if it's lead crystal.

Since I knew that we would be seeing newly opened stores and restaurants in Megamall, I brought my Canon sniper with me.  This is the most interesting subject I captured.  So, I am posting this one here in my blog.

What do you think of the picture?

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