Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's All in the "Billionaire's" Mind

Money, money, money... lots of money!
I have been busy at work that I had little time to update my blog.  That however, is no excuse.  So when I read an article shared by one of my friends in Facebook, I knew I had to do my part and share it through this blog.  We all heard, no doubt, that "our thoughts shape our circumstances"... that "we are who we think we are" and that "all is in the mind".  These asserts how powerful our mind is in determining basically the outcome of anything we set out to do.  Do you believe this?

I was born in a typical modest Filipino family.  I was lucky because I was raised in a loving and supportive environment.  Even though my father earned very little from his service in the Philippine Coast Guard, my grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts helped out in putting me and my siblings to school.  All six of us are college graduates.  But more than the financial assistance, my elders taught us to dream big and soar high!  Coming from a family of school teachers, they disciplined us to read books, study hard, do our assignments and chores on time, eat well, sleep early, wake up early, clean our house, take responsibility for our actions, share blessings with other less fortunate, save some money, and most especially to work hard and focus, but enjoy every moment of it.

From the article that my friend shared, I came to realize that the things my family has instilled in me are nothing short of what rich people would have taught their kids.  Now, armed and prepared, I can say that I am on my way to financial freedom.

The lists "The Ten Keystone Rich Habits That Will Make you Rich" and "Poverty Habits That Are Keeping You Poor" in the article "Rich Parenting vs. Poverty Parenting" by TOM CORLEY in his blog RICH HABITS is not only eye-opening but a life-changing guide on how parents can turn their children RICH!  Start with the young and properly shape their minds.  For the adults, it's never too late to change our minds and habits.  Remember, it's all in the mind.  Or should I say, "it's all in the billionaire's mind"?

Learn more from Tom Corley's blog, "Rich Habits - The Key to Success and a Happy Future".  Visit it by clicking the link below:

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