Thursday, March 28, 2013

One DIrection... to Summer Happiness

I recently bought some apparel in Penshoppe during their pre-summer sale.  I was with my grade schooler niece and guess what?  She was not interested in any of the candy-colored tank tops.  She was just in a corner staring at the giant poster covering one wall of the store.  Frozen, wide-eyed, and with what seemed to be a smile terminating in both ears plastered on her face, I thought, "this is it"!  It's the key to rectifying hyperactive children.  LOL!

I love my niece so I asked the cashier if I can take a snapshot of One Direction.  She said, yes.  My niece was so excited to go home so she can have the picture printed and pinned on her bedroom wall.  She forgot all about the tank top she asked me to buy for her.  Seeing my niece in such a happy state is priceless!  It's really funny how sometimes things that make us so happy cost us virtually nothing!...

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