Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Christmas Displays Around Metro Manila

Rustan's Tower (part of the Shangri-la Mall building in EDSA Crossing, Mandaluyong City):

The Rustan's Christmas tree located at the second floor lobby of the department store is probably the best tree this year.  OPULENT - that's the word to describe this outstanding tree.  Ostentatiously rich, lavish and luxurious.  The tree does not have trimmings, yet it successfully conveyed glamour and splendor.  It also evokes a sense of mystery and a bit of magic, something you would see most likely in Narnia or in a fabled faraway kingdom, where good magical creatures dwell.  Fantastic!

I would definitely set aside some time to enjoy this gorgeous Christmas tree.  Thank you, Rustan's!

P.S.  Rustan's has smaller Christmas trees in the corner made up of transparent balls.  The result are elegant and "bubbly" trees perfectly matching the giant Christmas tree.  Go see them!
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Shangri-la Mall (EDSA crossing, Mandaluyong City):

The theme of this mall's Christmas decor seemed to be inspired by the classic tale "around the world in 80 days".  Lanterns in the shape of air balloons and structural representations of different countries around the world hang in the grand atrium of the mall.  Although the display is grand, it looks more like the United Nation's Day display than Christmas.  The air balloons even though were in "candy cane" colors did not quite make a remarkable impression as the proportions are more of toy air balloons rather than real air balloons.  Having been amazed by Podium's Christmas air balloons in 2005 (which were in really imposing sizes, and in "Chritsmassy" red and gold colors, with giant teddy bears and wrapped-up gifts), Shangri-la's air balloons paled in comparison.  I can't help but think that the design is rehashed even though the malls are not affiliated in any way.  In truth, for me, Shangri-la's 2011 "candy factory" Christmas display looked more spectacular than this year.

The giant Christmas tree isn't as grand as last year's.  To me, it even looked weird with the dolls cladded in different costumes representing a country.  It's probably just me, but I am kind of freaked out by the dolls that do not look "Christmassy" at all.  Would I go out of my way to see this Christmas display?  I would not.  Thankfully, the impressive Rustan's Department Store Christmas tree can be found in the same mall.  So, for me really, this mall's display is just an added bonus.

Podium Mall (ADB Avenue in Pasig City):

This mall's display is good for kids especially young "princesses".  The mall dubbed their display as a "Fairytale Christmas" although what is featured is just Cinderella.  So, I think it should be dubbed more appropriately as "Cinderella's Christmas".  LOL!  There's a grand staircase which I do not think kids can stand on.  Kids can just pose in front of the Christmas tree or beside Cinderella for pictures.

The atrium is decorated with "fairytale-like" chandeliers (which actually looked like inverted octopodes).  Overall, the decoration is really simple.  It looked like that not much thought is put into the display.  I miss Podium's grand displays during its early years (i.e. 2004 to 2006).  I would not go out of my way to see this particular display.

Megamall (Pasig City and Mandaluyong City):

Giant snowflakes and mirror balls adorn the atriums of building A and B.  The display is very simple and would not elicit your "ooh's" and "aah's" .  The middle atrium at the bridge is a different story.  It's Mickey's Christmas!

I think Megamall has a partnership with Hong Kong Disneyland.  The giant Christmas tree is graciously and abundantly trimmed with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse dolls.  The tree is topped with Mickey's iconic insignia.  Really nice!

There's even a backdrop with Donald Duck and Daisy Duck where you can pose for pictures.  This is a wonderful treat to kids and to those kids at heart… like me.  I will definitely visit this Christmas display even if it's just to see the Mickey Mouse Christmas tree.

Market! Market! (Fort Bonifacio Global City in Taguig):

Because this mall is owned by the Ayala's, the Christmas display is similar to the malls in Makati City (which I have featured before).  The heavenly and "cloud-like" look and feel are evoked by the gorgeous giant wreaths and angels hanging from its grand atrium.

ELEGANT - one word to describe the mall's display.  Even the giant Christmas tree outside just before the main entrance to the mall is wonderful.  People ought to see these!

Gateway Mall (Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City):

The Christmas tree of this mall looked like a "beauty queen".  LOL!  It has a sash composed of poinsettias.  I was actually in a hurry and just passed by this mall on my way to Makati City.  Fortunately, I have with me my camera and took these pictures hurriedly.  I wasn't able to enjoy much of the mall's decorations.  This tree is the only one that caught my attention.

Robinsons Magnolia (Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City):

The tree is quite elegant.  The Christmas ball trimmings looked like luscious clumps of red grapes.  Coupled by the hanging LED light curtains, the grand atrium of Robinsons Magnolia Mall looked more like a 5-star hotel.  The mall is actually lovely.  (I will feature this beautiful mall in a post soon.)

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