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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cashier Cruelly Treated by an Irate Customer

Irate customer of a canteen in Manila, John Paul Encinas, is shown here pointing a finger at Marjorie Reynaldo, cashier of the canteen.  Prior to this pointing, he forcefully slammed the counter table with his hand while angrily saying something.
Canteen customer John Paul Encinas threw water at cashier Marjorie Reynaldo.
Canteen customer John Paul Encinas reached out and grabbed cashier Marjorie Reynaldo.  
Canteen customer John Paul Encinas pulled cashier Marjorie Reynaldo so hard that she slammed her shoulder  at the edge of the counter table.
Canteen customer John Paul Encinas hurled a bottle filled with mineral water  to cashier Marjorie Reynaldo,
Canteen customer John Paul Encinas went behind the counter table and forcefully tried to feed cashier Marjorie Reynaldo with money.

This time, NO!  The customer isn't right!  I was watching GMA 7's late night news on TV a few minutes ago when I caught this report about a canteen cashier callously treated by an angry customer.

For a moment, I thought we were in the Stone Age where human interaction, let alone social conduct, was executed through the use of clubs and fists.   Among many other characteristics which makes humans above all other species of animals is its ability to practice physical restraint.  When this trait is missing, humanity as we know it would not have existed. 

How would you feel if water is thrown at you? How about if you were pulled so hard that your shoulder bone banged against the edge of a counter table?  Would you be able to take an unopened bottle of mineral water hurled at you?  What about forced fed with paper money?  Imagine all of these inhuman acts done to you with loud expletives for background score.  Such horrendous acts were done to Marjorie Reynaldo, a lowly canteen cashier!

The irate customer, John Paul Encinas, owner of a laundry shop near the canteen, was caught on the closed circuit TV (CCTV), and like a buffoon exerted his "manly" strength over a teeny tiny girl.  The report said that Encinas was vexed by the cashier's tone in asking for the payment for the food he ate.  Encinas had no money with him when he ate at the canteen.  So, he has to get money from his car.  The exchange of words between the two caused Encinas' rage when he went back roughly an hour after.

Here, watch the video:

In the next video below is Encinas' interview about the incident.  I was displeased by his words.  Although, he said he was sorry for the physical harm, I felt no remorse.  To me, he even appeared irritatingly cocky when he conveyed (the alleged feeler of other customers) that it is good that the cashier has met her match ("...nakahanap sya ng katapat").  I also got the impression that he seemed to have thought the incident would make the cashier realize the wrong things she did.  What the f___?

Imagine equating just a mouthful of words to physical abuse, injustice, and profanity.  Unbelievable!  The words "dismay", "disdain", and "despise" now have a whole new level!  Grrrrrrrr!!!  

(Notes: (1) all of the still photos are from the YouTube video of GMA 7 news.  Thank you!  (2) Apologies if I incorrectly got the spelling of the names of the cashier and the customer.  I just gleaned them from the actual news report.)

25 October 2012.

Were you able to see the news tonight? According to the report, John Paul Encinas was invited by the Manila Police for a custodial investigation through the order of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.  Instead of making amends and a sincere public apology, he insisted that his actions were due to the humiliation he underwent from the lady cashier.  My goodness!  It's as if he was humiliated before the entire world. (Well, it's nothing compared to what he is now doing to himself.)

Be a man!

To me, he sounded like a person with a bruised ego, and responded with violence.  That's how I see it, plain and simple.  Again, I did not see any remorse. 

One of the commenters here said that he must have been deprived of proper guidance from his parents. His father in the news interview admitted the cruel actions of his son but justified them with yet another lame excuse.  "Tao lang!"  (He's just human.)

NO!  That's not being human at all!  Encinas' father further reasoned, "... kung yung aso nga natapakan, mangangagat.".  (Even a dog will bite, if you stepped on it.)  Now we know the logic behind John Paul Encinas' actions.  Can you imagine, citing a dog's impulse?... an animal's reaction to a stimulus?  Humans are not animals!  Thus, humans should not behave like animals.  What a pathetic excuse!  If it's not an excuse, it's a poor analogy.  Still, pathetic!

Even if you were provoked with words (where in this case, it is so hard to believe that) or even humiliated, a man should not do any of what he did to that poor woman!  (We all know what Encinas did to cashier Marjorie Reynaldo.)  Where do you think John Paul Encinas learned this?  I wonder…

Encinas seemed to be educated but his actions speak otherwise.  He should have elevated what he adjudged as improper behavior of the cashier to the manager of the canteen for a proper reprimand.  He could also walk away.  There are so many ways on how to respond to such a situation.  Instead what we saw is pure VIOLENCE and CRUEL DISREGARD for human rights.

He should have just shut his mouth and defended himself in the proper forum.  I am sorry, but the way he presented himself to the world with what he said on TV just enraged me more.  Grrr!


  1. Dapat maturuan ng lesson ang ganitong klase ng mga tao.

    1. I agree. How can he strip that poor girl off of her dignity? Shameful! He should have been magnanimous in dealing with the cashier since he is a business owner himself. Alas!, urbanity nowadays is as scarce as sense and sensibility.

  2. nag iinit din ang mga ulo ng mga militante. tyak bugbog sarado yan. lumiliit na mundo nya.

  3. most of the people who abused other people never get a good guidance from their parents or peers.

  4. no excuse for what that encinas guy did. so everytime iinit ulo nyan ganyan? sa nanay nya? sa kapatid nya? gf/ wife? teacher/ boss na babae? think about that @@ah@le

  5. damn! alam nya palang kakain sya baket di na nya dinala pera nya.. ANU SYA IMPORTANTENG TAO..!! ANG KAPAL.. IKULONG YAN!!

  6. There is no excuse to what that stupid man did. You don't hurt anyone just because you do nit like the tone of their voice? Most especially a woman! That arrogant bastardo!

  7. Magtago ka na John Paul Encinas

  8. remember the same reasoning of the two basketball coaches- "pasenxa na, nag-init lang ulo ko.." . . and this guy weakly defending himself with the same alibi - "pasenxa na, tao lang" . . . such dispositions are outright rationalizations, not a humble acceptance of one's weakness . .

    1. You are most definitely correct! Such excuse is NONSENSE! He acted like an animal! No human being in the right mind would act so violently. Humans think! Humans practice "restraint"! "pasensya na, tao lang" is bullshit! It's a lame excuse. Imagine how big he is and how small that lady is. His actions were apparent crime against women and the defenseless. No matter how hard the cashier's tongue slashed at him, he should have just walked away. I just can't get over how stupid and outrageous his actions were! It really makes one blood boil with fury. Grrr!!!

  9. Kung si Boyet Fajardo nga pinaluhod lang yung cashier ng Duty Free (na lalaki) eto pa kayang babae? Kahit ano man sinabi nung cashier hindi katumbas yun sa ginawa nitong Encinas na 'to. Kelangan paikutin ang mundo nito.

  10. unang una, anlakas ng loob mong umorder, wala ka palang pera hayup ka! tapos magdidilim ang paningin mo pag siningil ka? gago ka pala eh! sana makulong ka, tapos magdilim paningin sayo ng mga kakosa mo sa oblo. dun mo ilabas ang tapang mo!

  11. Dinampot na ng mga pulis ni Lim si Encinas. Itong walang kwentang barangay pinagpipilitang pag-areglohin pa ang magkabilang panig na paaabutin pa ng tatlong meeting. Buti nga nakialam na si Lim. Dapat dinala yan sa Parola at doon pakainin sa mga Pagpag na karinderya doon.

  12. Kailangan sa kanya makulong at tingnan natin kung papano sya tatratuhin sa bilangguan kung saan ang kasama nya eh mga lalaki na kasing laki din nya, parang kaya nya lang mga babae. Nasa kultura pa nman nating mga pinoy ang mag bigay galang sa mga babae... Kung nakita ni Marjorie ang katapat nya sa yo, sana makita mo ang katapat mo sa PRESO!!! IKULONG SI ENCINAS!!!

  13. what an explanation Mr. Encinas, what the hell. nanggigigil ako sa mga gantong klase ng tao, nananakit ng babae, grrrr. Ano kaya ma feel ni Mr. Encinas kung ganyanin din isa sa mga kaanak nya?at sasabihin din ng mga customer na sangayon kami sa ginawa sa kaanak nya pra turuan ng leksyon? anak ng ewan. Buti pa mga gaya ni Mang Roldan na walang wala, humble, e itong si Mr. Encinas, hambog. Mr, Encinas, kilala ko mukha mo, sana lng wak mag krus landas natin.God Bless sa inyung lahat lalong lalo na sa kawawang kahera

  14. Kung talagang bastos si Marjorie dapat lumabas din yun sa interview sa kanya o sa tanong sa kanya na anong gusto niyang mangyari. Hindi nagsasalita si Marjorie bagkus yung kaibigan na natakot din ang nagsabi na kung puwede makulong. Hind ako naghuhusga opinyon lang... Kung regular ka na dun papayag sila na mamaya na ang bayad o kung regular ka alam mo na hindi puwede na mamaya na ang bayad. Kung pangit ang ugali ni Marjorie lalabas din yun nung tanungin siya kung ano ang gusto niyang mangyari lalu na nasaktan pa siya. Sasabihin niya tao lang... dapat inisip din niya nung bastusin siya na tao lang din yun na puwede niyang patalsikin sa pamamagitan ng pag reklamo sa mayari ng kainan.

    1. kahit na yung pinaka notorious criminal...pag nahuli ng pulis at ininterview ng media...nagiging maamong tupa. :D. my point is, its not difficult to disguise.

    2. Agree ako with the above comment/reply. Madali lang naman magmukhang mabait na lalo pa't nakaharap ka na sa camera. Sorry to everyone but this is just my opinion. I'm sure at one point in your life, na-experience niyo na rin yung situation na dine-describe ni Encinas. 'Yung pinapahiya ka at pinagsasalitaan ka ng tindera. Meron talagang mga taong ang lakas makapag-power trip, walang sense na magbigay ng kahit kaunting maayos na pakikitungo sa customer, palibhasa hindi sila ang may-ari ng business. I'm sure kung si Marjorie mismo ang may-ari ng canteen, iisipin niyang makitungo ng maayos sa mga customer para mas maraming tumangkilik ng canteen niya. Walang customer na aabot sa point na iinit ng ganon ka grabe ang ulo (unless sobrang sama ng lasa ng pagkain. weh.). Siguro nakaka-relate lang ako dahil hindi rin nga bibihira ako maka-encounter ng ganyang mga tao. I'm not saying na I disagree that Encinas needs a reprimand for what he did. His actions were indeed cruel and a little too much and he deserves a proper sanction for what he did. What I am disagreeing with is how most people find it so easy to judge Encinas, as if sila never nakaranas uminit ng ganun katindi ang ulo sa ibang tao na pinagsalitaan sila ng sobra. Kung totoo nga ang sinasabi ni Encinas na masama din talaga ang ugali ng kaherang si Marjorie, there will come a point nga talaga na kung hindi man naging si Encinas, makakahanap at makakahanap talaga siya ng katapat niya. Siguro tama nga na(somehow) justice may have been served to both parties.

  15. grabe. ang bayolente naman. i just can imagine how this guy treats his gf/wife when he gets mad. tsk tsk. 

    as for the cashier. she will not get my sympathy. in the first place that's not how to treat the customer right. im only talking about the first part when she was asking for the payment. i find her bastos at walang modo. she will not be like the mmda traffic enforcer wherein the traffic enforcer just did his job. this cashier did not treat the customer right at the start. the cashier knew this guy as the owner of the laundry shop nearby, why couldn't she let the guy leave for a moment to get money. im not defending encinas. what encinas did was inhuman, he deserves to be punished. 

    im not taking any sides. i hate them both!



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