Sunday, July 29, 2012

SONS of POSEIDON - Australian Certified Male Hotties of the 2012 London Olympics

Sizzling hot!… enough to "boil" Manly Beach in Sydney and the lap pools of the 2012 London Olympic village.  The members of the swimming team of Australia are certified hotties!  It would seem unfair to let these demigods - sons of Poseidon, to join the Olympics with us mortals!  LOL!

I have always thought that the gorgeous athletes with great bodies would come from the swimming teams.  He-he-he.  I suppose I have proven myself wrong when I featured the Top 18 Male Athlete Hotties of Team Great Britain.  The good-looking and sexy guys of Team Great Britain are from every Olympic event.  Wheew!  I started however, to believe again that the swimming team is the sexy-best.  Just look at these Aussie athletes exhibiting the quintessential swimmer's build (i.e., a physical build with a high level of muscle tone without a lot of bulk)Yum, yum, yum!

Okay, I am rooting (just a little tiny bit) for Team Australia since my brother-in-law is an Aussie.  After seeing their beautiful photographs, I think (no, I wish… oh God please…) that all swimming teams of all competing countries from now on should have their pictures done professionally and artistically just like what Australia did.  Yey!  For what?  For my collection… I mean, for the sake of posterity, of course!

Seriously… now that the 2012 Summer Olympics has finally begun, we expect a whole lot of "awesomeness"… perhaps, some drama on the side.  It will be however, surely entertaining.  If only I could be there in London to witness the glorious events.  Fortunately, I have a friend who's living in London.  I asked her to send me pictures and stories.  I hope that they'd come sooner.

Good luck to all the athletes, especially to Team Australia and of course, Team Philippines.  Go! Go! Go!  Mabuhay!

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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees they are very yummy. Hope my Aussie handsome husband doesn't read People go to Bondi beach to see more and get your jaws drop! Cheers :P

  2. I agree! They are really hot! Trust me I've seen simila hotties in OZ...ooooppps hope my Aussie handsome husband doesn't read this! lol He's my ultimate hottie!