Sunday, July 22, 2012

Horrific Shooting Spree in The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

I am terribly shocked!  There are no words to describe this gruesome event.  The world grieves over the loss of 12 lives and the more than 50 people wounded, (including one Filipino-American), in the shooting spree in a theater in suburban Denver, Colorado during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

While watching the news and reading tweets of those who have actually been there and experienced this nightmare, there is only one question popping in my head.  "Why?  Why did this happen?"   I am sure that many are asking this question and not just myself.  How could such a harrowing act be made by a single person?  Nobody seem to know the answers yet to these questions.  James Holmes, the 24-year old seriously mentally deranged killer who massacred those people with the use of at least 4 guns will be studied to determine the answers to our questions.

My deepest sympathies and support for all the families and friends of the victims.  Please know that my prayers are with you.

I agree with Donald Trump in his tweet that mass murderers and terrorists deserve the most severe of punishments - death.  Of course, that would be after slicing and dicing them on the operating table to determine how they were able to perform such despicable and unimaginable acts.  How about you?  What do you think should the authorities do with the likes of James Holmes?

portrait of a mass murder - James Holmes
(The picture is taken from  Visit the web site for some more pictures - "a timeline in pictures" of the Colorado movie mass murder.)

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