Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Curious Things Around

Stabby, Burpy, Kooky, Wacko, and Bitch.

Look around you… yes, around you.  Do you see anything weird?  strange?  freaky?  bizarre?  quirky?  funny?  No, not your little brother… an object that looks way-out, wacky, offbeat, or unconventional?  Well, the next time that you find one, take a picture of it and send it to me so I can add it to my collection.  It's a good thing that our cellular phones are equipped with cameras.  Since it seems that everyone nowadays has a cellular phone with built-in cams, we can do some "pointing and clicking" whenever we come across with some kooky objects hanging on the wall or displayed in some window of a store.

Here is my 5 wacko objects I found while killing time in Makati's Glorietta and Greenbelt complex.  (It's a good thing that I carry with me my handy Canon Powershot A480.  The 3 megapixel cam of my cellular phone is okay, but these kooky objects deserve better exposure.)

Are those icicles or deadly weapons?  They're like Buffy, The Vampire Slayer's glowing stakes hanging from the ceiling of Greenbelt 5 mall.  Watch out Edward Cullen, those spikes are dangerous!

Gelato, Italian word for "ice cream".  While others think that there are differences between an ice cream and a gelato, this array of frozen candy-colored sweet treats found at the second floor of Greenbelt 3 near the Cinema entrance deserves some taste test to finally decide whether there's such a difference.  I like the Apple Martini flavor (burp!).  After devouring an enormous double scoop… uhhm, what are we talking about? Burp!

Walking a little bit further from were the "gelato" stand is, you'll find an odd-looking fountain.  Is it a water-spouting lasso, a water curtain, or a dripping halo?  I think t's just my imagination.  That Apple Martini did a bang-up job.  I'm a bit tipsy and imagined this Prosperity Fountain as Wonder Woman's magic lasso.

Seriously?  Apparently shoe racks are "out", and chandeliers are "in" as shoe racks.  It's not enough that the shoes displayed around would tell you that you are in the ladies' shoes section of Landmark Department Store.  They have to hang the shoes in the chandelier so you won't mistake the area for the ladies' undergarments section.  Hmmmm, I wonder what's hanging in the chandelier of the ladies' undergarments section…

FInally, when I was about to go home and headed for the parking basement of Glorietta 4, this car is beside mine.  Woah.  Okay, calm down tiger.  This car's spunky…


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    1. Thanks John. I appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing my post with others!